Leaf green color?

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  1. Does anyone out there own an LP bag in the Leaf green color? If so, do you like the color? Just ordered a Dylan Long Speedy in leaf and just wanted opinions. It was hard to pass up because it was only $240.00.

  2. Some bags in leaf are an amazing, intense gorgeous color...and some aren't. I returned a shoulder bag to Luna Boston because it was so-so. A definite disappointment.
  3. Hopefully, the bag I ordered will be an intense green.
  4. How about crimson on long speedy? Anyone knows? The color looks very nice on long speedy, but I saw someone talking about crimson fell short in this season?
  5. There are real-life pictures of what you are looking for in our Pictures Reference Thread, just do a little search for 'leaf dylan' using the forum tools.
    I love mine and you got a great deal.
  6. I love the leaf green. Havent seen it in person but on the internet it looks awesome!! and $240 is a great buy!
  7. Audrina has one, I dunno if that makes a difference lol
  8. From the HIlls that is, for the Hills fans (i'm not one but I watch it you know cause I'm a reality or "reality" addict)
  9. Oh and the picture of hers looks good. I know that's not in person but it tells more than the LP site of the bags probably.