Lead in Lipsticks

  1. The stupidity of these companies amazes me. What genius decided that a good formula for lipstick includes lead?
  2. I was just about to post this lol.

    omg so scary i use Dior palettes! its my fave as well. i also use L'Oreal lip gloss. ugh this is terrible. Dior has the highest levels!!! wth?! :wtf:
  3. and they're putting the pregnant women and their unborn baby at high risk..ugh totally upsets me
  4. Yeah kinda scary! I never thought about lead in lipsticks.......just gives me more reason to buy more Chanel I guess, lol.
  5. OMG! Dior lipsticks have lead... How awful!!
  6. honestly, i dont care about this stuff. We will all die someday as is. Second hand smoking, first hand smoking, natural causes.. Ugh. I say, whatever floats your boat. haha
  7. Wow,i use Dior Lipstick daily too..>.<
  8. V.v this makes me sad..i have a lot of Dior lipsticks.
  9. disturbing... i guess i'll have to know dior off my list... that's too bad, i really like thier glosses. why is there lead in lip glosses anyway?!
  10. the one study was specifically on red lipsticks, this could me an issue in certain pigments rather than all their formulas.....
  11. Hope so! I use my dior addict lipsticks pretty much every days for the past 2 years and apply it at least 5x or more a day!:tdown: