LE Wisteria Spy?

  1. dare i even ask this....but is there any chance in the world i would ever be able to Find a Limited Edition Wisteria Spy anymore? i figured if anyone would know it would be you guys! any little lead or tip would help!;)
  2. Are you talking about the Limited Edition Wisteria spy, the one with a windmill and dove on it, if you are their is no chance of finding this spy. I have been after one forever. If you mean the normal Wisteria spy, the one with leather flowers down the front, you can still get these. Have one on www.Annsfabulousfinds.com.

  3. yes i am talking about the limited edition one, i am not going to give up though. i have
    been in contact with a few people who may consider selling thiers. if i want something bad enough i normally find it! :graucho:
  4. Wow, I am surprised you can even locate someone who owns one. I think there were 10 or fewer ever manufactured of that bag -- it is probably one of the rarest ones we know of. I have never seen one listed on eBay, but you never know.
  5. actually there were 60 of those bags made, and well i have only located/talked to one person - i emailed another and haven't yet heard anything back. but i am willing to pay the price for one if i ever do find one! i know it's going to be really hard to ever find one but i still want to hope that i can...

  6. Ah.... you meant the LE Wisteria. My bad. But yeah so few of them were made. It's be hard to find one as the other ladies said.
  7. Lindsey - yes you are right their was 60 of them made, goodness do not know how you found one, I only know of one person who has one of these, on the PF if you find one please post pictures.
  8. how does the bag look like? any pics so i can admire this realli rare bag??
  9. Yes, 60 were produced, but I don't believe 60 were RELEASED for purchase (quite sure I read that about half of that number was squirreled away by Fendi and other fashion authorities). It's amazing you found ppl who actually own this bag, as they were on reserve for only the best Fendi clients (by informal invitation, I'm sure), and either 3 or 10 ever reached the US shores. Please do share this LE Wisteria Owners List with us! :angel:
  10. Oh i would love to own one.
  11. i would never feel comfortable giving out someones name unless they wanted me too. most people who know the pf girls well know one girl on here that has one. also to be honest these really weren't that hard to get when they were available. i just didn't know about it at the time. but there was a few that reached the Neiman Marcus company (i spoke with the head buyer) and they actually didn't sell that fast! and they def. weren't ony avail by informal invatation. basically if you wanted one that bad and had the money to buy one, it was possible. but unfortuantly i didn't know about them when they came out and now a year later trying to find one is hard.
  12. lindseylee - I have been looking for this bag for ages, also had Managers of Fendi stores and Harrods looking for it. Never had any luck....but I live in hope, maybe one day....lol. This bag I think came out in 06 spring/summer, I always believe the bag you are looking for is out their some where, good luck with your search, and if you find 2 of them please let me know.