Le Vian Ring

  1. I am looking at possibly purchasing this ring around Valentine's day for myself. By then it would probably be for sale. It was on sale a while ago, but I waited too late to buy it. Anyway, has anyone purchased a Le Vian ring before? What do you think if of the quality? Also, if you have a Le Vian piece, how long have you had it? Also any opinions, both good and bad, on this ring in particular. This ring is citrine and diamond with 14k gold. Thanks in advance.
  2. wow thats a beautiful ring and its classic rather than trendy so i think you would get plenty of wear out of it. Suprisingly I think Citrine jewelry goes with a lot of things. I think its so cool your buying yourself a nice Valentines... i might do that too now!

  3. Thanks for your opinion:love: I really appreciate it. You should definitely treat yourself to something for V-day! I was thinking that the citrine was really pretty with the brown and white diamonds. I wasn't really looking for trendy, but something that I could wear for a long time. I just love the use of color in this ring and I love colored diamonds as well. Thank you so much for responding!
  4. I bought the oval version of the ring in this line. I have had it for about a year and I have had no issues with the quality. The combination of the citrine and white and chocolate diamonds is wonderful.
  5. ^^ very cool! I have seen the oval ring and I think it is absolutely gorgeous too! That is good to know that you have had no problems with the ring. Then this brand/designer jewelry seems to be okay then! Thank you for answering my question. Would you say it could be an everyday ring?
  6. I just bought my ring and it should be here in about a week! YAY!!
  7. Oh, it is pretty. I kind of like your idea of buying yourself something for Valentine's day! I've been trying to save my money though!
  8. ^^Thanks! I really appreciate you very nice comment. :heart::smile:I just bought it and I'm very excited. I'm waiting for it to ship and I will have it the week of the 7th-12th of February, just in time for V-day. My boyfriend thought it was odd to buy myself something for Valentine's Day, but I think I deserve to treat myself to something special every once in a while. I chose this ring because it is citrine and I do not have a citrine ring in my jewelry wardrobe. I know that colored diamonds are not popular with some, but I really liked the color change in the ring between the gemstone and the two different colored diamonds. Also, I just really wanted a levian ring. His rings are very nice.

    if you click on the site, you can see some of the rings and jewelry that he sells and you can find the stores that carry this designer.

    Oh, by the way he also has a topaz/sapphire version of this ring. It is very pretty too! You can find it at www.macys.com

    THe reason I did not pick this one is because I already have a few blue pieces. I think this one is gorgeous also!
  9. ^ I love the blue topaz and sapphire. That is so classic looking too! Such pretty pieces. I have tons of blue topaz- I went through a phase where that was my stone of choice. You are right about treating yourself sometimes too. I very much agree! I've been wanting a diamond rolling ring/trinity ring for awhile now, but I'm trying to be a good girl!
  10. I have not purchased anything by LeVian, but it's beautiful.

  11. I have seen those trinity rings. They are very pretty and unique. I definitely think you can't go wrong with a unique ring. That would be a very nice gift for yourself. Sometimes the rules should be bent a little, right...:graucho:
  12. My name is Jonathan LeVian and I just wanted to congratulate you on getting your first LeVian for V-day this year. I hope you will truly enjoy it!
  13. WOW! You are the designer? Love your pieces---tell us more about yourself?

  14. Wow! Thank you so much for responding to my post. I think LeVian jewelry is absolutely stunning. Besides my citrine ring, my absolute favorite piece is this chocolate diamond flower ring. I think this is one of the most beautiful rings I have seen in a very long time. It is absolutely gorgeous.
  15. eek! I've tried that ring on before and I absolutely LOVE it! I wish I could own it! I ended up buying a chocolate diamond ring - diamonds in the form of a square shape. I love Le Vian chocolate diamond rings!