Le Vian Amethyst, Pink Sapphire, Diamond...

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  1. The most beautiful ring I have ever seen! I have a lot of "good" jewelry that has accumulated over the years but I usually don't wear much of it. My mother always teases me about my handbag addiction, saying that she could understand if the prices I paid were for jewelry but...a bag?
    WELL, now I've called her bluff. This is the prettiest ring I have ever seen. It captivated me from the moment I saw it glimmering in the case. It had to be mine and tomorrow, I will have it in my grubby little hands! :yahoo:(It needed a re-sizing.)
    Does anyone own this exact ring? What do you think of it? Share!:yes:

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  2. Thats a very eye catching piece...very different and has a wonderful femine flare!!!

    Congrats!!! Dont forget modeling pics!!!!
  3. Definitely very eye catching and stunning! Congratulations!
  4. Very nice!
  5. Super femenine and classy, love the colors...
    And you sound very excited about it..so GOOD FOR YOU!
  6. Very beautiful... congrats... can't wait to see modeling pics!
    I've never seen a ring like that before!
  7. Thanks, everyone!
    This piece of jewelry is something that definitely fits my personality. I got it today, nearly running over my co-worker who came to tell me that it had arrived (I bought it at the department store where I work and was just waiting for its arrival all day).
    It fits perfectly! I will get modeling pics to you as soon as I can borrow my dad's digital camera!
  8. It's a beauty! I love the colors of the stones... very feminine :smile:
  9. LOVE the colors! SOOO pretty!
  10. It looks gorgeous. I think I have seen in irl. I have a levian citrine and diamond ring and they do have stunning yet classy designs.
  11. it's beautiful congratulations on a gorgeous acquisition!
  12. Love it! It's stunning :love:.
  13. That's beautiful. Purple and pink look so pretty together.
  14. its so beautiful!! show pics tomorrow!!