"Le Tour Eiffel" Pochette

  1. While in Hermes today, I fell in love with this pochette - I was looking for something bright and colorful to tie onto my white Prada tote for the summer. Found it :nuts: The SA who helped me told me a very cool story behind this particular pochette and its design.

    Here are a couple of pictures :smile: I know it's not a big item, but I just wanted to share, as I just love the bright, summery colors!

    Now I just have to learn to tie it correctly around my neck and wear it like all the chic H ladies do here :graucho:



  2. It's very nice. Are you referring to the story behind the artist? It's a nice story indeed.
  3. What's the story!! ???? :smile:
  4. Lovely Cristina, congrats!!! I would love to hear the story too.
  5. I'm just wondering if it's the same story I read.:confused1: The artist is Ibrahim Alamin Sefedine, a Sudanese orphan whose drawing talent was recognized and Jean-Louis Dumas. His themes were peaceful despite having seen the turmoil the civil war in his country had wrought. He was asked to do a special scarf to commemorate the Millennium. Mr. Dumas even paid for his eye surgery. He went on to do more scarves for Hermes, La Toure Eiffel s'Envol is another.
  6. Thank you HG.
  7. Yes, that's it :smile:

    LOL I was going to type it out but got caught up in other subforums :shame:

    After hearing the story, I was sold on the pochette ;) My SA also said that his education is also being paid for? Not sure if that's 100 percent accurate. Still, he is very talented! :yes:

  8. I am sure it is paying for his education. Gotta love Hermes!!!!!!:heart:
  9. I love it Cristina! Congratulations!!!!
  10. I love this one, Cristina! I have it in the full size and love that they have produced it in a pochette! another one to add to the list! :heart: Thank you for the lovely pictures - it looks fabulous on your bag! hNe
  11. its fabulous!:tup:

    Thanks for sharing the story.
  12. That's a lovely story and a beautiful scarf, looks fab against your white bag.
  13. Dear Ms. C:

    I LOVE THIS!!! It is so vibrant and just a GREAT contract to you Prada bag!!!


  14. That is a gorgeous pochette! Congratulations!
  15. Just gorgeous, Cristina! I have the same pochette in navy/red colorway. It is so lovely!