Le Talentueux vs. Le Fabuleux

  1. Which style do you like better?
    p10505897_ph_althero_Black.jpg p10506101_ph_althero_Black.jpg
  2. le fab. i actually bought the le talenteaux first, then returned it because it was too small. i have le fab in black. it is truly "LE FAB"!
  3. i prefer the right one..
  4. le fab
  5. Le fab !
  6. [​IMG]
  7. Le Fab first, Le Tal second. :smile:

    <-- proud owner of white Le Fab
  8. I like the Le Fab too:love: . However, i'm not sure if it would be too big. For a night on the town, may be Le Tal?
    Or you should get both;) ?
  9. Le Fab
  10. Le Fab :love:
  11. I LOVE THEM BOTH! But if I had to choose it would definitely be the Le Fab, because it is truly FABULOUS! The Le Talentueux is perfect from day to evening though.
  12. Le fab!
  13. le tal! I thinks it's much more elegant, and perhaps more practical.
  14. Both are beautiful, but I favor the Le Fab :love:
  15. Le fab