Le Talentueux or Chanel Medium Bowler?


Which one?

  1. LV Le Talenteux

  2. Chanel medium Luxury Bowler bag

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  1. I already own a Chanel bowling bag and a Chanel Medallion Tote. I want something for everyday use. The Le Talentueux is obviously not an everyday bag (or could it :graucho:) but it's just so beautiful :love: It's a bag you rarely see and cost about the same as the medium bowler. With that said, which one would you choose? Thanks for your help :biggrin:
  2. i :love: chanel and usually vote chanel over LV, in this case i don't care for the luxury bowler. something about the shape. i am definately a classic flap fan when it comes to chanel. the tantelaux however is amaaaaazing. and the chevre. and colors! yum.

    what color would you get? and why couldn't it be an every day bag? it's big enough isn't it? and chevre isn't THAT delicate.
  3. ^^^^ I just think it's too flashy for everyday use. But there's a first for everything :graucho: I would love to get a red or blue.
  4. oooh the blue is so pretty!! the red's not bad either. :smile:

    as for being flashy, i didn't get that from this bag. it has very clean classic shape and lines imo. the grommets/big clasp only give it a *little* edge but nothing OTT. certainly less than some others i've seen on this board. :smile: but i also haven't seen it in person and sometimes that makes the difference.

    if you didn't wear it during the day, where would you wear it? it's not an evening bag. :smile: so i guess if you decide it's too OTT as a day bag for your style, go with the chanel. you'd use it more. that one is pretty understated and safe (esp in black) while still being a tad trendy and new. but who wants to be safe? :smile:
  5. I agree with Ilzabet. And since you already have 2 Chanels, why not get something else? IMO the bowler is too understated for a $2,000 bag. For that price I'd rather get something with more bling. :graucho:
  6. I tend to be a Chanel girl myself...but, you know what, I saw that bag and really, really liked it....the only thing that concerns me is the hardware...I would first find out if it is gold plated over solid brass. If it isn't, and you use it as an everyday bag, the gold might begin to wear and it would be noticeable. (Over the brass, it would be less noticable than if it is nickle under there) I tend to opt for as little hardware as possible on a day bag I want to keep for a long time and use as an everyday piece, and I think this one would be a keeper for me...
  7. oh the talenteux is gorgeous. i think it would make a classy everyday bag. since you already have a chanel bowler and tote, i vote talenteux!
  8. Even though I prefer Chanel to LV for the most part I say get a Le Talentueux. It is a grrrrrrrrreat bag! I bought one awhile ago in plum. It really is an eye-catcher!
  9. That's a tough one!!! But I'll go with the majority and say if you already have two Chanels, go with Le Tal.:love:
  10. Talenteux!
  11. same here...:noworry:
  12. I like the LE Tal but it's a little stiff for me, I chose Chanel between these 2.
  13. L'Tal is stiff and small. Very tightly structured. Okay if you don't carry much, but not easy to get in and out of. I think you'll get more use out of the chanel, but if you want to go on just looks, LV suhali.
  14. thats a tough one, both bags are FAB. But if i had to make a choice right now i'd say the Chanel.
  15. pursegalsf --

    How do you normally dress on an everyday basis? That may help you make your decision.