Le Talenteux

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  1. It seems that most people prefer the Le Tal vs. the Le Fab. I've seen pictures of people wearing Le Fabs but now much Le Tals. Anyone care to take a pic of theirs? I'm debating between this and something cheaper. LOL.
  2. Do you have pics?
  3. here is the plum( discontinued color) this pic is a pf member.
  4. Excuse my dusty mirror :x

  5. with the hot lv boots ?

    Bag looks great on you.
  6. Thanks :smile:
    You have eagle eyes LOL!
    I couldn't pass up getting the matching boots.
  7. I love this bag, it's very cute... Le Fab is a bit too much but still fabulous btw...
    Vixy, the bag looks great on you
  8. those boots are TDF!:love: :love: :love:
  9. does this bag hold much ?
  10. The bag does not hold as much as it looks because the top is sorta tapered off. But it will definitely fits a small makeup bag, medium size wallet and phone.
  11. It is true it does not hold much but it is not small either. I like the size of it but sometimes wish it would be a little bit bigger. Then again I find the Le Fab way too big
  12. Love it , I want it!
  13. OMG! I love this bag! :love: DH saw it at LV in white and he went ga-ga! :nuts: Especially when I told him how much it costs! :wtf: :lol: