Le Talenteux or Le Radieux ?

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  1. Hi,

    I NEED okay not really need but want another Suhali bag now.

    I have been wanting the Le Talenteux for a while now. However I know that it is not really practical for me as last time I am at the store, the bag wont fit my belongings !

    However there is this one veeeery beautiful white one I have been longing for at Fashionphile !

    I am so tempted to put it on lay away !

    However I can get a new Le Rad or Mahina L in a few months time if I dont buy this one.

    These 2 bags probably will suit my need and fit my belongings better as I usually carry quite a bit around !

    And I also like them a lot....

    I dont really like buying second hand ....

    However, I am in love with Le Tal so much for so long !

    I'm in such a dilema.....

    Is Le Tal outdated now ?

    Which one do you like better Le Tal or Le Rad ?
  2. Le Tal is also too small for all my stuff. I would say get the Mahina.
  3. I actually prefer the Le Rad over the Le Tal!
    I'd wait awhile longer! :smile:
  4. Radieux! It's gorgeous!
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    Le Radieux in white is absolutely beautiful!
  6. I have Le Rad in black and she is lovely. She fits all my belongings very well. What i particularly like are the deep pockets on the side of the bag, and the fact that the zipper opens up quite wide so you can get in and get your things out. It is a beautiful bag, and the hardware is really nice IRL, really heavy duty and posh looking. I would go with Le Rad in white!
  7. I say wait and get the Le Rad. The Le Tal is gorgeous but looking at your comments, I don't think you'd be a 100% happy with a second hand bag that doesn't really fit all your things.
  8. I fell in love with the Le Tal right away when I started collecting LV, but realized very quickly that it would really be an evening bag, or a bag that I wouldn't carry very often, only when I wasn't going to carry a lot of stuff, and it just seems like a lot of money for something I won't use much. I didn't really pay much attention to the Le Rad until very recently and I LOVE it in the white color, that is one of the top things on my wish list. If you can afford to get a new one in a little bit, I would wait and get a new Le Rad! Good Luck with your decision!
  9. Radieux!!!!!!!!!!:smile:
  10. I am carrying the Beverly MM today and realised that even though I can fit all my things in this bag I much prefer to use the Galleria PM or Neverfull MM due to the size.

    My mum bought me the Beverly, had I bought it myself I would have bought the GM.

    Not that I necessarily carry a lot. I am quite organized actually. I just like to have a lot of room in my bag so my stuff does not 'barely fit in'.

    So I think I will be happier with the Mahina L or Le Rad.

    I am thinking about getting one this year and the other one next year.

    Probably the Mahina L this year as I already have 2 Suhalis.

    My LV budget really tight this year as we both need exorbitant amount of money to start up our own business.

    But DH promises a Mahina L later this year ...

    It is good in a way as if I keep on buying bags I don't really use the one I already have much.

    I still have a couple of bags I only use a handful of times and a BV that I never use at all !
  11. Le Radieux is stunning!
  12. I have le rad in white and while it's one of my favorite bags and I get tons of compliments on it I find it really annoying to get things in and out of it (all I keep in there is a make up case, zippy wallet and sunglasses case). I just don't think it opens wide enough and it's so structured and it makes it difficult. I like carrying my mahina much more b/c it's just SO effortless and looks incredible with everything. I would go with mahina!