Le Tal capacity

  1. Anyone have pics of what a Le Tal will hold?
  2. Ahem..is someone considering yet another bag? :graucho:
  3. :yes: found a pretty good deal on a plum one... it's looking pretty medium-ish looking at Michelle's modeling pic, but I've read several comments about it not holding a lot.

    Love the Le Fab, but it looks darn huge! I'd like a black one... when I find a good deal. :smile:
  4. She is and don't believe a word that she says about my role in it!
  5. This forum is killing my bank account, Rebecca! :roflmfao: :push:
  6. P.S. RileyGirl, who consulted me on colors that would look good with Plum, is a definite accomplice.
  7. I prefer stylist.

    I looked at the pick of the bag again and it is stunning. I like it much better than the blue and the white.
  8. Haha I LOVE the plum!!! I have the agenda in that color and it's TDF.
    I believe the bag will fit a small makeup bag, a PTI wallet (using that as an example), phone, pens and probably a few more things. It's not a HUGE bag but it's spacious enough to hold quite a few daily essentials.
  9. Well, I guess we can go ahead and add PTI to Emily's list! Rebecca, I remember seeing the pic somewhere of your Plum agenda and thinking it was so unique--not something you see everyone else having.
  10. I saw the pic of your agenda, it's hot!
  11. omg! PLUM! I love that color! and the bag le Talentueux together with it..... WOW GAGA :drool: I say BUY it! :biggrin:
  12. Thanks!! It's really a gorgeous color!!
    Here's the pic, rileygirl:
  13. Plum is my favorite Suhali color! There's a cles being transferred into my boutique for me :graucho: The Le Tal is a good medium sized bag. If you're used to the Speedys or Almas, then yeah...this bag may not fit a lot. It's perfect for me though! I prefer to not use a PTI-sized wallet with the Le Tal because it takes up a lot of room and makes the bag look bulky if I want to carry a bunch of other random things. I'll try to take some pics later tonight when I'm home :yes:
  14. A few more posts and Emily will be pressing BIN!
  15. :nuts::drool: omg LVBabydoll your Plum agenda is TDF! such a sumptuous color, I just love it. And it's not in-your-face Purple, you know, it's nice and subtle, more like a neutral. Go for Le Tal!