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  1. Should there be a Made In Italy stamp on the suede lining or on the leather? I can't seem to find it. It's making me feel odd.

    I also got this for a steal at NM - $492, but there are marks on the inside of the suede - like makeup or something. It was fed ex'd to me in San Francisco from the NM in Penn. Do you think it's worth saying anything to the SA about it or should I just ignore it since I got it so discounted anyways? Do you ever get the feeling that it's too good to be true?
  2. it should say made in italy on the metal nameplate under marc jacobs

    if the bag has been used and is damaged, you have every right to call the SA and ask for a new one. the sale price is there b/c the season is over, not because it is dirty
  3. I think you have an authentic bag, but it may have been used and then returned (grrrr, people shouldn't abuse good return policies, it ruins things for the rest of us).

    I would talk to them about it - the bag shouldn't be dirty.
  4. yes... def talk to them.just because you got it on sale does not mean it is okay for them to give you a dirty bag.
  5. Agree with Youngprof. =)
    Maybe the SA didn't even see the stains inside the bag since it's filled with paper stuffings. Good luck Wsgirl. =)

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