le sportsac sample sale!

  1. see attachment for details :smile:

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  2. OOOOH!! thanks so much
  3. oh man i am totally going. my girlfriend-in-law (boyfriend's brother's girlfriend) has a lesportsac that she used to carry and i loved it.
  4. you know, I posted this sale last week and it fell off the front page.

    I'm going to find out for myself why folks love the tokidoki line.
  5. I am so going to this. I am getting up early so I can go Thursday at 8:00 a.m.
  6. does anyone know what will be there? i really love the paisley line.
  7. awww. too bad im not in NY
  8. Too bad I live in LA! :sad:
  9. I live in San Diego and I know LA has some rocking deals on things.
  10. Thanks.
  11. Thanks!
  12. omg i am SOOOO there !!!
  13. Thank you, I'll will definitely check it out
  14. From the NYPOST

    Totes now three for $90 (reg. $75 each), wallets and belt bags, three for $36 (reg. $30 each), mini bags, five for $63 (reg. $36 each).
  15. Where on the NYPOST website did you find that info?