Le Sportsac Fafi - Next step after Tokidoki

  1. Hello,
    Does anyone know about the Le Sportsac Fafi? I heard it from a friend today. :idea: Any idea where to get them and how much they are? :confused1: What do u guys think of these?


  2. I'm pretty sure I saw these in the LeSportsac store in LasVegas last week.
    They're not for me but they're cute.
  3. i just saw it yesterday. i think it's kinda nice, but i think tokidoki works better on lesportsac. ;)
  4. I personally like the Tokidoki a LOT more. If they are making the Fafi collection, will the Tokidoki be still available?
  5. you might want to buy it soon cuz seems like they will introduce different designer's series every now and then...so not sure if they will end the older collections. i guess they should still sell them though, since they've been quite popular :idea:
  6. hm... Ithink I must be way to toki obsessed because I'm not really liking it too much....
  7. could it be by stella mccartney?? one of the sales reps were telling me that a new print will be coming out designed by her...though i dont know if this is it???
  8. ive seen the fafi in person. It looks alot like the "alice" print they had earlier last year. I dunno. I am a tokidoki lover, but this fafi just doesnt do it for me. Its to sketchbook-y.

    I think Tokidoki is a limited thing. I dont see them carrying them forever. SAD DAY!
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  10. I love fafi but I'm not to crazy for the lesportsac bags.
  11. I saw this pattern in the Nordstrom's in the Roosevelt Field on Long Island. They had a huge display of them in the handbag section- at least double than the Tokidoki's.
  12. I just don't like it. Tokidoki looks brighter, this looks kind of dark. I think I will probably pass on this one. I won't be happy when tokidoki is gone, but my bank account will.:blush:
  13. I like it.
  14. i think the colors are too much ...especially the red :p
  15. i'm glad this doesn't do anything for me since tokidoki is costing enough with all the different prints they made