LE Speedys

Aug 17, 2008
Hello All,

I'm newly interested in buying a speedy 30, maybe two if I can convince DH. I currently own a Tivoli Gm and a mon pouchette accessories from 2000.
I've been through all the speedy clubs, and are aware of all the permanent style choices. I will most likely buy one of the permanent lines, I am leaning toward the Epi 30 in Noir since I have a hard time pairing my black outfits with brown mono. And I'm really wanting a black-outfit-friendly LV.

What I would really like is an LE speedy. The Mon Eden catches my eye as it is the current LE speedy, but it's over 2 thousand which is a little out of reach for me. I can pull off a $1700 purchase. Now what my question is:

Are all LE speedys over 2 grand?
And also, I've gone on the bay and saw a few Speedy Mirage which I'm in lvoe with but they'r selling for over $3,000. Does anyone mind telling me how much it retailed for before they stopped selling?

Thanks in Advance

P.S. oh and also im a little confused with an LV abreviation : "BH" what does this mean. :shrugs:Sorry if thats a silly question.


May 2, 2010
I was a little worryed about the mono with black aswell but then i was looking on fashion websites seeing alot of girls pairing there mono speedys with black n it looks great ( maybe not all black ) .

But i feel like its only a couple more 100 so if your already thinking of speand 1700 why not save a bit and get the one you really like after all it is for you !


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May 26, 2008
Go for the mirage if you can find one at the right price. A lot are overpriced on eBay and some online sites. But every now and then, I do come across good ones at around $2,000+. So be on the lookout! Good luck!


Sep 19, 2008
There has been a Mirage Noir on FP for quite some time now for about $1850.00 USD. I don't believe it's in mint condition but it looks better than some I've seen selling for more. There's also one on Bonanzle for a little over $2000.00 that appears to be in good shape.
Aug 17, 2008
marieB - I'm kinda glad I'm not the only one. Growing up I was taught to not pair Brown with Black or Dark Blue with Black. I've seen many 'In action; reference; & modeling' pictures with people rocking their black outfits with mono LV or the damier ebene and I don't think it looks bad at all. I even saw a lady with a little black dress paired with brown shoes and her mono LV. It didn't look bad at all. I just feel funny when I try to pull it off, it doesn't look right and I feel self-conscious that I'm trying too hard to wear the mono with a black outfit. So I'm leaning toward the Speedy Epi 30 in Noir. But like some, I feel like its a little plain and may just get lost in the outfit as opposed to being an accessory (if that makes sense). I wished it had a little more shiny hardware. But again, its nothing a bandeau can't fix. :P
I was a little worryed about the mono with black aswell .....

Thanks everyone for your help, advice, and heads up on the Mirage. I will keep looking. I will try hard to save my money, it's just a little hard to come by sometimes.. or I should say.. hard to hold on too for too long. I feel like I'm gonna bust open. haha.

It's been fun looking back at the past LE bags. Some are so beautiful, I feel sad that I wasn't aware of them when they were out.

Oh and also thanks for clearifying the abbreviations for me, now I don't feel like such a dummy.

You are all beautiful and TPF Rocks!


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Jul 20, 2007
I'm glad you got all your questions answered! I hope you get your LE Speedy, whichever you decide on (I love the Mirage, BTW). LV comes out with at least one each season and that's a really fun thing to look forward to!