Le sigh - my French Company speedy.

  1. Hi all - this is my first LV forum post, so hi everyone!

    Alas, my first post isn't a very happy one. I recently got an LV French Company speedy on eBay, and while I do believe that it's genuine, it wasn't in the condition described. And what's worse, LV won't repair it - the zipper was pretty poorly replaced and the handles are coming loose. LV would have done the zipper if it hadn't already been touched by an outside repair service (by the previous owner.) But they no longer carry parts for French Company items, so I'm out of luck on the handles. Boo!

    I'm seeing about getting a partial refund from the eBay seller, since the bag was not in the described condition. Haven't heard back yet. But beyond that, what would you do? At this point, is it worth it to just take it any old anywhere to be put back in more decent condition?

    I'm bummed, and mostly just wanted comfort from y'all who probably understand my pain. :/
  2. OMG, so sorry to hear that. Well, if there are a few LV boutiques near you, I'll try asking another one and see if the response is consistent. Sometimes, I get different answers from different SAs at the same boutique, so I guess no harm trying. Or try e-mailing LV and see what they say. Good luck and do keep us posted. ;)
  3. I'd return the bag and ask for a full refund. Did they mention they repaired the zipper already? If not i'd mention that as one of the reasons for wanting a full refund and returning the bag, LV wont repair it due to them messing with the bag.
  4. can you post a photo of this poor bag ?
  5. Here goes - in more detail than anyone probably wanted. ;)

    I'm so distraught. Because the seller disclosed that there was wear that was "hardly noticeable" and when I specifically asked about the handles, she said the stitching was intact and they looked good. I ended up paying about $375 for it, but if I can't have it repaired and the handles will always be loose and crappy looking, I won't ever be happy with it. But the mono canvas actually does look great, with the exception of flaws that were disclosed.

    I guess I should just return it for a full refund. Then I can pretty much go and buy a whole new one, and at least it will be perfect and I won't have to cry about it.

    I had been attracted to the idea of a bag I wouldn't be afraid to use the crap out of right off the bat, but now I would be afraid to put anything too heavy in it, blah blah.

    What do you guys think?
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  6. No good - get your money back.
  7. How do I know once I ship the bag that the seller will really refund my money? Am I protected at all if I ship it back without opening a dispute in PayPal? I'd hate for them to refuse me a refund after I've sent it back. :/ I've never had a bad experience on eBay before!
  8. What do I think???

    I think you need to get a FULL refund from the Ebay seller. You bought a bag that has obvious problems. You cannot get the zipper fixed and the handles are horrid! The Seller was NOT honest up front, return it and get a new Speedy from LV or wait for a good French company to come around and if you get it from a MyPoupette LV Reseller, they will stand behind it. Good luck. I'd be totally ripped too!:cursing:
  9. file a claim with paypal/ebay before sending the bag back. make sure you have had conversation with the seller and she understands the bag is coming back and you are expecting a refund.
    I would attach a tag to the bag so that you know its your bag that you're sending back, and send it with signature required so that you know she got the bag. Once she gets the she should refund you pay paypal. but if you file with paypal/ebay they will ensure you get the money back.
  10. you should return it for a full refund, since all of the flaws were not completely described in the listing. good luck and keep us posted on the results!
  11. Definately contact the seller to try to get a refund.
  12. They have agreed to refund my payment, so I am sending it back in tomorrow's mail. What a pain in the neck!

    ETA - registered mail, signature conf. required, of course. :smile:
  13. good to hear that you are sending it back. Honestly, If you look and look on ebay then one day a Seedy will pop up for the same price you paid for this and in better condition. keep looking :flowers:
  14. good im glad they are giving you a refund!!!! you should use that money and go and get your self a brand new one from a LV boutique near you!!!!!
  15. After I see the pix, yea, please get a full refund. It's really not worth the trouble of fixing it.