Le sigh...I miss Samantha

  1. Where oh where art thou Samantha? :wondering

    I for one miss you terribly. Your class, your style, your impeccable good taste. I hope you return soon....you are missed. :sad:
  2. Isn't she on vacation? Napa or Sonoma?
  3. Is she? I swear, no one tells me anything! :p

    She's been gone so long, I haven't seen her on the forum in weeks. I love seeing her new bags, hearing what her next purchase is going to be, etc. But if she's on vacation, maybe she'll get a bit of shopping in as well and have a few new purchases to share with us! :choochoo:

    I do miss her posts though, I always look forward to hearing/seeing what's going on in Samantha's closet! :girlsigh:
  4. That's where Foot Candy is so I'm sure we will see some interesting postings when she returns!
  5. I'm back:smile: I came home two days ago but between catching up on children, house, business and then Halloween it has been a little crazy:nuts:

    I have missed the Jimmy Choo Girls and have checked in briefly with no time to post. Looks like good things have been happening!

    Stinkerbelle, congratulations on your Ring bag! Gorgeous bag and fabulous price. Good things do come to those that wait. Thanks for the sweet words and making me feel so missed:flowers: What a nice post to come home to.

    Robyn, I am looking forward to seeing what gorgeous exotic bags you bring back from Germany:yahoo:The Snake Saga continues for Robyn!

    jburgh, I see you scored a dazzling Tayten. One of my favorite Choo styles! Congratulations. I don't ever remember seeing the glitter finish. It looks beautiful! What is it like in person?

    I am sure there is much more I missed. It will be fun catching up!

    Oh, and I may have a Choo or two to post in the near future:graucho:

  6. jmcadon, I unfortunately have NO Foot Candy stories to tell!!! Arghhh! I was close to two of the boutiques and never made it in. It went like this...

    "Honey, look Foot Candy."
    "Oh, I would love to take you there. How about tomorrow, tomorrow,tomorrow...."

    I realized this trip that I never do shop on vacation. Too busy eating:biggrin:
  7. Welcome back Samantha! :yahoo:

    My Tayten is beautiful. The brown glitter is really pretty and looks more silver in person. It will be the perfect bag for my black tie event this month.

    I hope you had a great time, even though you had no opportunity to shop. Did you visit wineries? Tell us about your vacation.
  8. Oh...well, if one has to choose! Hmmm....shopping or eating....eating or shopping. Yeah...I'll save the shopping for a rainy day! :lol:

    WELCOME BACK Samantha!! I can't wait to hear a few details about your trip, being an East coast girl who has never been to CA. I can't wait to hear all about it! The one place in CA. that has always attracted me aren't any of the cities, it's Napa. It just looks so beautiful there....:yes:

    And new Choos? Do tell! :tup:
  9. jburgh, your new Tayten sounds really versatile. Please report back to us after your swanky black tie affair to let us know how many admiring glances and compliments you and your new Choo receive:graucho:

    Stinkerbelle, if you have not been to Napa I can't recommend enough that you go! It is an experience not to be missed.

    We go to Napa and Sonoma every year, but this year it was extra special because we were celebrating our 12 year wedding anniversary. Room with a fireplace, roses that my sweet DH surprised me with...really lovely.

    The food :nuts: is so fresh, and there is so much talent in the kitchens. The scenery is breathtaking...rolling hills of grapevines changing color...gasp! The roses everywhere were magnificent. The wine is so delicious. We are always looking for something special, different, things we can't find locally, and large format wines for the holidays and special occasions with family and friends. Mission accomplished!

    We stayed a night in San Francisco. Once again, great food and so much to see and do. No time to shop and not too upset about it.

    It was a beautiful, relaxing yet exhilerating trip. Sorry for the long post...I think I am still experiencing "Vacation Euphoria".

    It is good to be back though!
  10. Samantha - It sounds like you had a heavenly time. Happy 12th anniversary! You know, 12 is the anniversary of silk and linen.
  11. Samantha! You have described Napa exactly how I picture it, from the rolling hills covered in grapevines, to the food. MAJOR sigh....I wish I lived closer, I'd go in a second! :girlsigh:

    As for going now....well....that would involve me flying. And the odds of that happening without one of the following events taking place are very slim. There would either be a Stinkerbelle shaped hole in the side of the plane just as it began to taxi down the runway....or....upon landing you, as well as the rest of the country, could watch said plane land on television as it would no doubt be covered by every major news outlet in the US! :nuts:

    I have absolutely no fear of flying....I do however have a HUGE fear of falling!

    You made me laugh when you suggested your post was too long....you have been gone awhile, otherwise my novellas would have come to mind and you would have realized your post was but a short story! :tup:

    And Happy Anniversary! Your DH sounds like a wonderfully romantic guy! :love:
  12. Ssshhh:sneaky:. I told my DH it was emeralds;)
  13. Stinkerbelle, I love your novellas. Very vivid and descriptive with great wit and humor! Keep them coming!
  14. Hey Samantha,

    So glad to hear you are home safe and sound. I thought you had mentioned you were going to the Wonderful West Coast:beach:

    I hope you had a wonderful time and hopefully we can catch up on all of our chores and get back to the fun:party:
  15. You described it to a T. This is the perfect time to go as they are harvesting the grapes and there are all kinds of festivals. The weather is perfect right now as well. It is still in the 70's every day here. We live about 1.5 hours away attend a lot of car club events there at this time of year.
    I personally like Sonoma much better than Napa. The little downtown area is so cute. Hey maybe I can meet you there next year and make sure you get some Foot Candy time in!:rolleyes: