Le sigh...ebay woes...

  1. I listed the last few items I ever intended to eBay last week before shutting down my account and being done with the mess that is eBay. All the transactions went fine, I got paid for all of them, I was feeling pretty lucky. But I just got a contact information request from one of the buyers and I can just *sense* that it's going to be trouble. First of all, I hate that eBay just hands out your address and phone number to anyone for any reason. Second, this buyer paid yesterday and I promised to ship her purchase today (which I will), so there's no real possibility for conflict yet...it's not like she hasn't received her item or doesn't like the item. I'm smelling a request for a refund :sad:

    I was so close to being done with ebay, I was actually feeling sort of good, thought about listing just two more items and then being done, but it's too much stress, I'm really done now.
  2. I should add, the buyer does have perfect feedback, so maybe things will come out alright, I'm just worried now.
  3. Good luck! Hopefully it will all be fine!
  4. no point in fretting over nothing ! i wouldn't worry yet, i'm sure it'll all be ok.
    btw ebay will only give out info if you have a transaction with a member, they don't give it out to just anyone
  5. Well, it turns out that the buyer is completely legit and worried about an email she got earlier about a security breach on my account. I'm now sitting on ebay livehelp trying to figure out whether the email she received is legit or not. I didn't get any email from ebay letting me know of the breach, but she read me the email and it did sound legit (it was specifically about the item I sold her). If this really is another security breach, I'm cancelling my ebay account as soon as I hear back from the buyers I just sold items to.
  6. I'm sorry you're feeling this way and I completely understand. About a year ago, I was thoroughly wrung out and upset by a series of Ebay episodes and even posted about how stressful it was here. I took some time away, convinced I would never return and low and behold, I did . . .not immediately, and not on the same scale but I did go back. . .I really believe that Ebay is demanding and if nothing else in your life is weighing on your shoulders it is okay, but the minute life gets in the way, the stresses of Ebay can quickly become overwhelming and every contact is concerning and draining. I learned to take a break when I have had a time-consuming transaction or simply have a lot of other stuff going on and that works best for me. It's not my place to assume you might feel the same, but maybe revisit it in a few months or so and see what it feels like - you might be surprised. . . .I was!
  7. Wise words from Miss Sooky
    Take some time of maybe before closing you account and then loosing your good feedback

    Just take a break from it all
    Its is time consuming and hassle , I for one am enjoying not being there
    I got scammed so many times on four fake items have lost 1000 uk pounds in total

    My english American Express card does not cover purchases on E bay I phone and asked them and they said no way will there insurance cover e bay items

    so I envy my us cousins in the ability to do charge backs