Le Sac. Literally.

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  1. I know there's been a number of topics out there about the le Sac dress from American Apparel, but I'm not sure if I should revive them or start a new one..

    ANYWAY. I'd been craving after the dress for a while now, and lo and behold, my friend got me the navy for my birthday a couple days ago. I was REALLY excited to try it on. Until I looked in the mirror.

    Whereas on the model, it had looked slouchy-chic, on my sorta-chubby frame it looked literally like a sack. I tried wearing it this way and a couple of other ways, but this one turned out the best, IMO. And that's not saying very much.


    If I put the straps under my bust like the model, I look like I'm pregnant. Which isn't something considerable for a 16 year old, I don't think. However, if I push it down some onto my natural waist area, it doesn't pouf as much. My best friend, however, suggested I just return it and try something else. She said it's on of those things only made for the superskinny.

    The friend who gave it to me suggested I slap a thick belt on it. She said it'd look better like that. What do you guys think? I'll post pictures of myself in it if you want a better idea of how it looks. :/

    WHEW. Long post. TIA!
  2. I tried it on at the aa store. It looked awful! There's just too much excess fabric. Here's the link to the aa apparel thread. If you have a look on page 8 there's a pic I posted of me in it.
  3. Thanks for the prompt reply, Aliwishesbear. I think you look better in it than I do. Do you think there's any hope at all. It'd be horrible to ask my friend for the receipt so I could return it..
  4. can you post a pic or two?

    btw i dont think you can return at AA.. it's just exchange. i might be wrong though. i just know they have a horrible return policy
  5. I don't think there's anyway to save it.

    AA doesn't do returns, but they do exchange. I don't think you have to have a receipt to exchange. They have a lot of cute dresses. I actually just tried on their double U neck long sleeved dress and it's really cute. I also have the cotton/spandex jersey turtleneck dress and the cotton/spandex jersey bandeau pencil dress, and I love both of them.
  6. Yeah, I was considering getting the cotton/spandex jersey bandeau dress. It looks like it might be a little more forgiving for my lumps and bumps. LOL. I'd be glad to exchange it, there's only a $6 difference, I think.

    In the meantime..


    ): It makes me sad to look at it.

    They seem quite forgiving, but they don't mention anything about actual store returns.
  7. Wait, hold up....you said you were 16, or did I read that wrong? You're very well written for a 16-year-old :smile: And the dress does not look bad either.
  8. No, I am really 16, Hannity. :smile: But thank you!

    Do you really think it looks okay? I feel a bit like a beached whale in it. And that's not good at all.. LOL.
  9. I thought the same thing! She has a great voice!
  10. i think it looks good on you, but if you don't feel good in it then maybe try on the bandeau dress and see how they compare. i actually have the bandeau dress too, and for me there's only one way to tie it so that it doesn't look funny.

    here are a couple pictures of me in my sac dress. it's tied the same way as the gold one on the website pictures, and i honestly think this is the best way to tie it. it took a lot of time and tinkering to get it this way though because i had to cut a piece of the strap and thread it through the neck part, safety pin it into a circle then cover up the safety pin. but i get a lot of compliments when i wear it like this! maybe you could give it a try? because this way, you don't have it cinched under your bust, it's more along your natural waist, which makes you look slimmer. hope this helps!

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  11. Wow! That looks great! I'll definitely be sure to try it out. I think I'm going to keep the dress for a while more, and keep experimenting. It might just be my subconscience playing with me, as this is the first dress I've owned since I was 4. LOL. I'll also look into getting the bandeau. You've been a great help Kelliez!

    As have the rest of you. I feel so flattered! :smile:
  12. i'm glad i could help! i hope you find a solution! and also, i LOVE the navy on you! i kind of wish i had gotten navy instead of purple now...
  13. Well, you could always go back and get another one! :smile: For me, it was either sangria, navy, or slate. But I wanted something a little more neutral, and navy seemed like the best option.

    I think I'm going to go for a brighter colour with the bandeau dress. Once I get some money out of the bank, that is. I'm down to pennies at the moment. LOL.
  14. Do I have permission to be totally honest? From the front, the dress looks great, and if I had only seen that pic, I would have told you to keep it. From the side, though, I don't think the dress is flattering at all.. in fact, you look like a totally different person! Is it tied the same way in both pics?
    It sounds like you don't feel totally comfortable in the dress also. I'd try to get an in-store exchange for a credit, and try another dress that you like more. And btw you are NOT chubby, AA clothes just aren't at all forgiving (look at how tiny the models on the website are, that's why they look good in everything!).
  15. ^ Hah! You sound just like my best friend. She said exactly the same thing. I suppose, I do have to agree. If it doesn't work the way Kelliez suggested, and I just don't start feeling good in it, I'll definitely take it back. And yes, it is tied the same way in both pictures.

    Thanks again for the opinion. The more thoughts I get, the clearer the idea of what I'm going to do with this thing. :smile:

    OH, and thanks for the mini-pep talk. I DO get self conscious looking at the tiny models on the site.