LE Rose speedy 30

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  1. Hi! I posted in the Rose club thread and got nothing.. so don't mind this newby posting here. I have recently started hanging out here to do research to find my very first LV.

    I haven't decided on a final style but I came across the LE rose speedy 30 and was wondering a few questions. Can anyone tell me how collectible it is and what a reasonable price would be? I checked on ebay and they are all under $2k but the one I came across claims estimated value of $2750-$3200. What's your opinion?
  2. Depending on condition, this bag sells between $1100 and $1500. Check ebay's Completed Listings for more details.
  3. It's in good condition with some patina on the handles. I'll see if I can copy and paste the pics.
  4. Well it's pretty simple: the value of this bag is not 3K... it's $1100-$1500.
  5. That's what I thought you'd say @FabuLex. Thanks for the confirmation!
  6. I hope you can see this. uploadfromtaptalk1466948354657.jpg
  7. uploadfromtaptalk1466948750485.jpg
  8. Update: it went for $1600 in an online auction and I thought the one on eBay is in much better condition than this at a lower price.
    I love those roses but maybe I should start with a SLG for my first LV instead of a bag.
  9. If you are patient then you may very well stumble across another Roses Speedy that's in very good condition for a very good price but it could be a while since that particular print is still considered to be in high demand and as such sellers usually charge a premium. If you're new to LV and still a little unsure of what bag will be best suited for your needs/lifestyle then you could always continue to browse through the pre-loved market, especially the Japanese one as there's plenty of choices that are both in great condition and reasonably priced, and find something that catches your attention. Best case scenario is that the bag is a perfect match and you fall in love with the brand (and maybe in the future choose to either buy new or continue with pre-loved) while the "worst" case is that you realize it's not for you (either the design or brand) and you can turn around and sell the bag for the same price you paid.

    Some of the best "first-timer" bags are:
    Speedy - pick the size that suits your needs best (usually it's the 30 although some women prefer the smaller 25 if they're minimalists). It's a longstanding icon for LV, is considered timeless, is a bottomless pit in terms of what it can hold, and comes in all 3 canvas prints as well as the epi and empriente lines. Unfortunately, unless you opt for the bandoliere (one with straps), it will solely handheld and that little bugger can get to be heavy after a while.
    Neverfull - it's a versatile and lightweight tote that can be worn on the shoulder or carried by hand with the most favoured size being the MM. An excellent option for those who need to carry a little more than what a purse alone could hold (either for travelling, mothers of young children/babies, students, etc.). The strap drop isn't very generous though, which sucks if you are a little larger or wear heavy winter jackets, and the handles are thin which may become uncomfortable when the bag is heavy.
    Favourite - an excellent cross body flap bag that's perfect for those who don't always need to carry a lot. The MM seems to be the preferred size and can easily hold a wallet, phone, keys, as well as other essentials (a bit of makeup, Kleenex, medication, etc.). It comes in all 3 canvas prints.
    Delightful & Artsy - these are larger hobo bags with open tops for easy access inside, very spacious interiors, lightweight, and deliciously slouchy. Both designs have their original model (OM) and new model (NM) versions and both are very comfortable to wear on the shoulder for long periods of time although the Delightful's flat strap makes it more so. The OM Delightful comes in the PM, MM, and GM sizes and was only available in mono whereas the NM is available in all 3 canvas prints and sizes (note that the NM GM is only available in mono still). The OM Artsy came in both the MM and GM sizes and is available in mono, DA, and empriente. The NM is only available in MM but still offered in mono, DA, and empriente.
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  10. Thank you Miss Krys!
  11. Thank you Miss Krys! I am only 5'1" so your details definitely help a lot to narrow down choices! I usually love satchel or cross body style but after having two kids I really like cross body for keeping my hands free. I'm going to try some on. I'm thinking the delightful and artsy both will be too big on me.