Le Preceiux!

  1. Should I wait and get it from the boutique or get it $200 cheaper from Karen Kooper on eBay?
  2. Wait to get it at the boutique... it'd be a much better experience! The longer you wait, the better it'd be when you open the LV box! :biggrin:
  3. oo i'd wait. pretty sure it's coming in verone too...
  4. Ooh I'd wait :biggrin: OT a bit, but does anyone have pics of the Le Confident and Le Superb?
  5. try to wait! the boutique experience is so worth it.
  6. I'd wait. Why is it cheaper on KK? Just wondering...
  7. what bag is this? I'm so clueless in the LV world now!
  8. i saw them in the lookbook today in white, GORGEOUS. le confident is on karen kooper's site i black but i'd want this bag in white after seeing how beautiful it looked. to give you a general idea of le superb, it's a bowling shaped bag, looks huge, and has what looks like a smaller version of a le confident on the front :smile:
  9. Boutique for sure. :yes:
  10. When is the release date?
  11. Before I usually would go for buying a brand new bag on eBay and save a couple hundred but now I'm all about the boutique experience!!
  12. Boutique, definitely!
  13. I also prefer the boutique experience, and you will get the chance try it on, I can't wait to see it in black. If you don't plan to get it at the store or if you want to save some $ just get it on eBay.
  14. 200USD is worth to save... If it would be 50 or something like that then I'd say the boutique but 200 I would save them
  15. Does anyone have any personal experience with Karen Kooper?