Le Pompidou Clutch V.3

  1. That's fantastic!
  2. Just looking for advice on the pros / cons for a pomp v pilot. Initially, I was totally feeling the pilot, and now I am not so sure if the pilot or pomp would be better for me. I am hoping those of you who own and love them can provide some insight to compare the features and benefits of each, advise when you use one versus the other, etc.
  3. What size wallet do you normally carry? What size phone do you have and what else were you thinking of carrying?
  4. i have a blackberry, but will be transitioning to an iPhone whenever the new one comes out. i also carry a mid size wallet in my diaper bag on the weekends, but during the week, scale back to usually throwing some bills and my id holder into whatever small bag i am taking to work.
  5. i forgot to answer the "what else" part of the question...i typically carry phone, id, $, lipstick / gloss, eye drops, hair elastic.
  6. Ellenia - sounds like a pilot might suit you. Pomp is a big wallet for sure. Almost a little clutch. I love the versatility of the pomp - the fact that it works as a clutch/wristlet/little cross-body but it is a little too big as wallet in my opinion. The stuff you listed would all fit into a pomp though for sure.

    I'm not sure all your stuff would fit in a pilot. The pilot will hold an iphone for sure and maaaaabe the rest of your stuff. Not sure. phone/id/$/hairelastic would all fit for sure. A mini lipgloss and eye drops would probably be okay.

    To me - the pomp and the pilot function quite differently. I've used the pilot as a wallet/for travel etc. I've used the pomp more as a clutch/wallet. I've taken it to dinner as a clutch. I've worn it xbody when going for a walk into a shopping area as it carried the essentials. I've used the pomp and the pilot as wallets in a briefcase. When i want to dash out to pick up coffee or lunch I take the pomp or pilot with me - can carry my phone in it and leave my briefcase behind in the office. So like a mini purse or clutch inside my briefcase.

    I know I am being wishy washy and probably not that helpful. I have both pomps and pilots and I love both styles. If I had to just choose one of the styles I don't know which one I'd go for. Both are useful.
  7. Hi Ellenia,

    I've had both, and I def. prefer the pilot to the pomp for my needs. The pomp was too much room, if you could believe it. The pilot carries the essentials "tighter" for me, no flopping around, since I only take my phone, money, cards, sometimes camera, and lipbalm. Those things can all fit in there, plus room for coins/some receipts. The pomp was a little large to hand carry, and I couldn't get on it as a cross-body or fanny pack (though I would've loved to!)...
  8. If it helps, I use my Pilots as my everyday wallet. I only use my Pomp for places like Disney since it holds a camera, phone and some other valuables you want to be able to quickly strap to yourself. If you are one of the few people still using a checkbook, keep in mind the Pilot will likely be too small for that. I really love that the Pilot can be carried or put in a purse. With the Pomp, it is really too big for a normal sized purse. Something about the Pilot just makes it the perfect size and perfect amount of storage for me.
  9. I think Enga/Sally answered this...but just to be sure...can the PILOT hold a regular size phone + a small point and shoot camera + money + keys?
  10. Definitely not Fleur! It will not fit my camera, so it would not fit a camera+ phone and even my keys I usually hang on the outside clip.
  11. The pomp might though. I had a very small camera, a little wallet in the main compartment and my phone on the front pocket. The key was hanging from the outside though.

  12. Thank you so much for the photo, Luc!!! That definitely helps!! Looks like I'll need a pomp :smile:
  13. I have one of the older silver pilots as well as black zeus and ICP pilots.
    The leather is softer on the silver and seems a tiny bit bigger. I was able to SQUISH my iphone into the front pocket on the pilot and then put the canon point and shoot into the center section but it was not easy and there is really no other space. If you want to carry both phone and camera I would get a pomp.
  14. Unfortunately I can't fit my DROID Bionic with a case in the front pocket of the pomp. I am going to have to figure something else out, I guess! I think most phones are much smaller than the Bionic so it shouldn't be a problem for most.

    I also noticed that dollar bills are too tall for the front and rear pockets, and I really wish there was a bill slot behind the card slots!

    I adore the Atlantic color, though, and the vintage patent is perfect for a clutch. :smile:
  15. I was not really thinking of using it for a wallet but more as either a clutch or wristlet. Usually when I downsize to a small bag or wristlet, I leave the wallet out, take out my cash and slip a credit card in my id case. Do both have credit card slots and a place to put cash and / or coins? Does anyone have both a pomp and pilot, and would you be willing to take some comparison shots? I am still on the fence...