Le Pompidou Clutch V.3

  1. [​IMG]
  2. Comparison photo: (L-R) RM Teal Alligator Bond Mini Clutch (now called the Jelly Bean :yucky:), HH BL Pomp, LP Dylan long zip wallet in Yucca

  3. Wow! Your BL is totally different. There's nothing avocado about mine... Not that I would have minded! It's gorgeous, but completely different. It must be from the second batch... Plain studs? Glad you love it! It's awesome!
  4. Wow. That is different. It looks smoother and more uniform. Less acidy in color.
  5. Yes plain studs! Dang it! I missed that. I'd like to have HH studs. :shucks: I knew it was the second batch, but wow, that is different. Also, notice how smooth the leather is on mine. I like the texture on yours, jenni. Your leather looks thicker too. Is it? I do love the more saturated color of mine...
  6. Don't know that it's thicker, but it's definitely a different texture. Yours does look smoother, more like the Shine leathers, maybe, whereas mine is more like the CPs? Amazing color... I think I like my leather better, but your color. In bright light, mine looks a little washed out.
  7. wow, love that avocado green!!
  8. We need to compare them. Side by side. With limes. And some Don Julio. :p
  9. Yes! :p

    Correction: I listed the LP Dylan long zip wallet above as 'yucca'. It's 'zucca'. right?
  10. Yeah... Zucca or Longhorn Orange :p
  11. I knew it!!! I thought mine looked different! I Asked Toni and she said it was the same leather, but it obviously is different!
  12. ^^ So yours looks like Clutched's, Nikki? Did you post pics and I missed them? *running off to look*

    This is a totally different leather AND color. It doesn't seem to have the crazing/veining that mine does (that reminds me of the crinkle patents). It's much smoother, the color is more saturated, and the color has less variations.
  13. No I didn't post pics. I agree with you on all counts though!
  14. If it would be helpful, I could easily send mine to Gina in San Antonio and she could shoot the side by side. I think it's important given the new bags in BL (which look like the leather on mine and Bri's)
  15. That's the prob with doing small batches at a time. Dyeing is not an exact science so depending on how the leather is and the way it takes the dye, color could look different for each batch. That's how it is with yarn and fabric. When I used to order bolts of fabric, it would have a different texture and shade which would drive me nuts when I couldn't guarantee color. It's a shame we can't depend on a specific color & texture like we used to... I mean the colors are beautiful any way like I told toni. I will just have to take it like gambling now. Throw some money into the HH jackpot & see what I get!