LE pomme cles availability?

  1. can anyone tell me if they've seen or purchased the red heart coin purse recently? if so, please let me know where, so i can order one asap. thanks in advance!!
  2. are you looking for a le pomme cles or red heart? your subject and message are confusing...

    no hearts in the us (mainland) until feb 1
    i've seen the le pomme cles though...
  3. I just bought a the new Pomme Cles in Vegas yesterday. Call the 866# and I am sure they can locate you one.
  4. oops, i replied to the other thread as well.

    Louis Vuitton boutique in Bloomingdales San Francisco, 4158565432. ask for terny or gia (pronounced ji-ah) and ask them for the cles that jenny purchases in violette. they had violette and pomme as of yesterday, jan.20th
  5. Could someone please clarify this for me? Is the cles also LE like the hearts?
  6. ^yes
  7. I was told they are not truly LE, but she called it seasonal, and said they are def. not Limited like the Hearts. In other words if they take off and sell well they may be put in the regular line.

    But we all know how LV does not give their stores good info. What has everyone else heard?

    I still got one today though.
  8. i went and bought the last one in amarante today, but i wanted a violette. the SA told me they would be getting more in sooner or later, but i didn't want to take my chances. it would be nice if they were in the regular line so i could get more! i love the size of these ones. :biggrin: