Le Pliage Neo Tote (it has a strap!)

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  1. Hi ladies-

    Was browsing Saks and came upon this. Anyone pre-order yet? :smile:

  2. I'm curious about this one too.
  3. Ooooh! Thanks for posting this. Very interesting. So, it's essentially a planetes with a strap?
  4. I really wish they had offered this just one week earlier! Now I have to wait for any additional purchases. It looks just like what I need, maybe by waiting I can see if they offer it in other colors. I would love a plum one.
  5. Looks a lot like LP Cuir design with Planétes materials. Might be worth looking into, especially if they start making it in different colors at some point!
  6. I was JUST looking at this! It's like a Cuir in Planetes material. I like this bag. It looks too much like my black Planetes to justify getting it in black and I really need to see the poppy in person. If it came in yellow, I'd be all over it for summer.
  7. Bright blue, yellow or fuchsia would be killer!

  8. Girl....YESSSSSSS!
  9. I saw this bag on the Saks website and I think I would consider buying if it came in large, and more colors. Would love it in camel, red or indigo!!!! It also reminds me of the Speedy.
  10. Oh my! Once this comes in more colors I'll definitely get one!
  11. I saw that the other day! Maybe that was the mid range option plan behind the price increase on the LP Cuir line? I hope they make it more colors! Colors work so well on the nylon bags!

  12. Absolutely!
  13. I'm looking forward to this.
  14. I am going to wait until they carry it in the stores so I can properly touch it. It is so promising and I would love to see them in more colors.
  15. I want this one too!