Le Pliage Medium Tote true size

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  1. I looked through the threads and couldn't find and answer..
    Please, how big exactly is LP medium tote with short handle?
    I know that I can see the measurements online on LG website but I think that them didn't include the top of the bag where the zip is so the top part is longer that the bottom part..
    Could you please kindly measure for me both parts..
    Iam hoping to get one and take into plane for hols but wonder how truly big the bag actually is.:smile::smile:
    Thank you.
  2. Thank you
  3. If you click thru the various colors of Pliages on longchamp.com, you'll see that some of them include helpful measurement diagrams like this:
  4. Oh thank you. I didn't know. Thats great. :smile::smile::heart:
  5. It's easy to miss, because the diagram isn't included for all of the Pliage colors available. But usually the black choice features this diagram.
  6. Haha, true. I didn't look on the black shade as want to get a pink one. Thank you.
    I am very happy as the size seems perfect for me.:smile: