Le pliage Medium tote or Small Tote- comparison

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  1. Ladies I sincerely apologise if this or similar thread already exists.
    I need help.
    I already own two Le pliage bags in Cedar and in Red - both in Small shoulder tote.
    I realised I need another one..
    Ok, I picked a color -cyclamen but I am not entirely sure what style?
    As I mentioned above I already own two Small shoulder totes. They are ok but in all honesty they both keep slipping of my shoulder, though I love them dearly- especially the green Cedar one.
    So am thinking about Medium tote with short handle? I quite like a bigger bag but not too big.
    I love the colour but I am not sure about the size, isn't it too big?
    I read the the top zip part is long 45 cm. Doesn't it look like a luggage size bag?
    Please anyone who has the bag in this particular size, can you advise?
    Can I use it as a day bag? Or is it just too large?
    Photo shows the medium handheld tote.

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  2. I think a medium short handle would make a great everyday bag. Don't get another small. I love roomy bags. I think the large would a make a great everyday purse as well.
  3. I prefer the Large long handle versus the medium short handle as the latter was a bit too wide for me and more importantly, it became too heavy for me to carry around. If you do not carry much, then this should not be an issue to you. Have you considered the Neo line? It is also short handle but available in three sizes. The small already packs a lot. Plus, the detachable strap is always handy. I understand the fact that it is non adjustable might be non appealing but I had seen ladies in my country tie a knot in the strap or shortened it at the cobbler so that it became a shoulder bag. Hope this helps and good luck deciding. ;)
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