Le Pliage Longchamp Type "S"

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  1. I just got one and absolutely love it! I was thinking of getting more in other colours and not sure if I should. How many of you have more then one and how often do you use it? When would you pull yours out to use it?

    I got mine for the summer season knowing how easy it is to clean it and it is very light with a nice shape.
  2. I had a few in different colors, but sold all of them. I hate that they only have one inside pocket... but I like the look of the Pliage bags and yes, you should definitely get more if you like the bag :graucho: ...so many great colors to choose from!
  3. For what occasion did you use them for?
  4. Honestly? I never used them :shame:, at least not the S size... they were sitting in my closet all the time. The bigger ones where nice for university, but they just don't work for me. I still like the look and thought about getting one again, but I have to stick w/ bags w/ more pockets.
  5. Okay, thank you. The smaller ones are getting to be very popular here and I think they are being used as a purse.

    I just couldn't figure out if it is worth getting several colours and change them depending on my outfit or just have the one I have.

    In the winter, I normally use more expensive namebrands but now that Le Pliage is getting extremely popular here, I could see how this bag is perfect for the winter becuase of all the snow and slush in the city.