Le Pliage Heritage Small?

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  1. Does anybody out there have the Le Pliage Heritage in the small/mini version? I'm starting to get obsessed with getting an LPH (in terracotta as a potentially versatile year-round color?), and I'm not sure whether I'd prefer the small/mini or the medium size.

    I'm 5'4" and generally prefer medium-casual small-medium bags, but I love the structure of the LPH and am hoping it can be worn both casually and more formally. I'm worried that the small will be too small to carry anything useful, but the medium will be too big because of its formal, boxy structure and my medium-small frame. Unfortunately I'm several hours drive away from any store so I can't check them out in person.

    If you do have the small/mini, how do you like it? What fits? What fits in the medium size? WIMB posts very welcome :biggrin:

    Additionally - any thoughts on the potential year-round versatility of the terracotta color?

    Thanks so much for any info and opinions! ;)

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  2. Nord. has some pics, including what will fit inside.

    I have a medium(small) but I have never looked at the mini so I can't compare them. I'd be concerned about how easy it is to get into the mini, because the bag is so stiff across the top.
    IMO that color is gorgeous and year-round worthy.
    Is it possible to order 2 sizes and return one or both?

    eta sorry, I don't think the link works
  3. Thanks so much! The link did work when I clicked on it...and yeah, the mini looks a bit small, given what Nordy's says fits inside...perhaps too small for me. And sadly it's probably too much for me to order both at once to compare.

    How do you like your medium LPH? Do you use it for everyday or special occasions only?

    The other thing I'm thinking is that maybe I should get a Quadri instead, since I've been thinking about those for awhile...and since seton says the line will likely be discontinued soon, it's probably time to take the plunge if I'm going to. I like both the yellow and orange, but the orange color is somewhat similar to the LPH terracotta, and maybe it'll be in the upcoming sale, which would certainly be better for my wallet.

    I see from another thread that you have a small navy Quadri - how do you like it for everyday? what all can you fit in there? Does the small slouch quite a bit when near empty? I like the combo of structured and slouch...I see a lot of people have the large Quadri but the small is probably more my style...thanks! :biggrin:
  4. I like the Heritage because I love a structured bag, but I don't like heavy bags. So I use it whenever, no special occasion needed. I switch my bags a lot though. I don't use the strap because it's too long for me and I don't like wearing cross body bags unless I really have to.
    I do love the Quadri small satchel! I'd say it holds as much, or a tiny bit less, than a small LP. It's soft so it may slouch a bit but it doesn't collapse on itself. Love the adjustable handles and that you can double up the strap to make it a shoulder bag.
  5. Thanks so much for your thoughts! That's interesting what you say about the small Quadri...perhaps a large might be better for me then because I do love a good slouch.

    Hmm, lots to think about before the sale...will keep googling photos until then :smile:
  6. Oh, if you want slouchy, get a quadri or a cuir, or a neo. Not Heritage.
  7. Hahaha, thanks. My problem is I want ALL the things (structured and slouchy), but I know I can't have both simultaneously. I guess I've gotta figure out what I want or what I'm in the mood for this time around :smile:
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    The Medium Heritage and Small and Large Quadris are great bags.

    I think the Quadri is soft, has enough slouch and is structured, with the Small one holding its structure better than the Large one.

    I tend to be very careful with my Heritage because mine is the one made of smooth leather (Heritage Neon) and it is a very elegant bag. For that reason, my Quadris have been used more often than my Heritage.

    I actually have mod shots and pictures of each of these bags. Hope you find the following links helpful!

    Small Quadri: http://forum.purseblog.com/longchamp/the-versatile-quadri-it-can-be-a-shoulder-926142.html

    Large Quadri: http://forum.purseblog.com/longchamp/my-sale-items-fr-the-lc-fnf-sale-913320.html

    Medium LP Heritage Neon: http://forum.purseblog.com/longchamp/le-pliage-heritage-neon-revealed-915791.html
    When I wrote this thread, there was no Small Heritage yet - there was just the Medium and Large one. So when I refer to the "smaller" size, it is now the Medium and the "larger/bigger" size is the Large one now.

    For the Heritage, I even discovered that I can fit a water container inside in addition to the other items in the post. That same water container also fits inside the Small Quadri.

  9. Thanks so much for your detailed comments and links to your previous posts. I had seen them all previously but I really appreciate you pulling them all together for me here!

    As is probably clear from my earlier posts in this thread, I guess I'm still trying to figure out what I want in my next bag. Part of my problem is that I'm feeling some urgency with regard to the Quadri line as it sounds like it will probably be discontinued soon (per seton). While I love the look of both the LPH and the Quadri, I know the LPH will probably be around for awhile so I can probably hold off now and eventually get one I love. I'm not in love with the upcoming LPH fall colors so it'll probably be next year, but I guess that's ok as it'll take me awhile to save for such a pricey bag.

    Given all of that, and because I suspect I'll probably use a Quadri more often on an everyday basis, I might spring for a Quadri if it's in the sale this time around (fingers crossed).

    Your comments and photos are super helpful for my thinking through whether I'd want a small or large Quadri. My initial thought was that I'd definitely want a small, but EGBDF said the small holds as much or less than a small LP, so now I'm thinking a large might be better. When you say the small holds its structure better than the large, that might push me toward the large as I already have a few structured bags, even though I love them. Plus if I eventually get a LPH, then I'll really be set in the structure department!

    I already have black and navy bags, so I'm potentially looking at the large Quadri in orange. It seems like this could be a versatile color for year-round, though perhaps it's a bit bright for the large Quadri - it seems to me that bright colors are better on smaller bags.

    Anyway, im blithering, but just explaining my thought process. I'm probably overthinking all of this, but now I feel kind of stuck - a large Quadri in a color that might be too much for a large bag. I'll continue to obsessively think over it until the sale starts. Who knows, maybe I've just talked myself out of getting anything in the sale. Thanks to anyone who's bothered to read my rambling thoughts so far. I guess I'm in good company on TPF

  10. So after all that soul-searching, seton has learned that Quadri is getting new colors in the fall, including Khaki. I'm very much looking forward to seeing how the line looks in that color.

    Problem solved - I'll see if LPH goes into the sale, and if I'm feeling flush, maybe I'll go for a medium LPH in terra cotta. If not, I'm sure I'll get one someday, when another awesome color comes along. I'll wait on Quadri regardless.

    hooray! Love the collective wisdom of TPF. Thanks y'all
  11. Sounds like a good plan!
  12. You're very welcome and good plan! :smile: