Le Pliage, gift with purchase??

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  1. My boyfriend HATES my Le Pliage! He says that it looks like a cheap gift-with-purchase bag. I see where he's coming from but have tried to explain to him that his problem is probably just a general "I hate nylon bags" dilemma, but he's not buying it. I have the large, black, long handle tote. He's even remarked that the leather looks cheap, and complains every time I wear it. Have any of you had this problem? Do your Le Pliage totes ever get hated on? :shocked:
  2. I have been considering getting the black one for a while, I've been hesitating due to the 'black hole' issue. My DH doesn't care about my bags LOL. But really, I live in a rainy place, nylon is good here. I don't think it looks cheap at all, I love the shape of it, I think it's elegant. Gift w/purchase to me is a simple pvc tote or something...

    I could see how an SO can ruin love for a bag though... it's happened to me with other things, I ended up passing on things that got such a reaction. But if I truly love something, I don't care then :smile:
  3. Pickle (cute name btw!!), I wear it anyway to his great dismay :P lol. You're lucky, I wish my SO didn't care.. :rolleyes:
  4. i have the black with short handles (it fits on my shoulder) i dont think it looks like a GWP its just a nylon tote and does the job well. I dont use it as an everyday handbag just when i need to carry a ton of stuff KWIM??? they are great quality and last for ages. I have seen $1000 + bags that look cheap to me.
  5. Yeah, same here.. I explained that it's just a tote and I need a strong, durable, indestructible tote. But yes, I totally know what you mean and agree fully.
  6. my SO thinks the same way, but he can't stop me from buying what I wanna buy and to me they don't look cheap and they are holding up pretty well, especially with the amount of stuff i put in there.
  7. i recently got a le pliage and my coworker told me it's an old lady's purse. and i was a little bit shocked and defended my bag right away. i said that it's not and it's a classic.

    i still use mine and will continue to use it to my heart's content :smile:
  8. Of all things, I would never think of it as an "old lady's purse"! People really have some weird ideas! Wonder how long it will be before she comes in with one? :graucho:
  9. LOL, totally...
  10. Mine rarely get hated on, but that would be so annoying to hear everytime you wear it. Men! Sheesh.
  11. Whenever my boyfriend insults my bags or whatever, I insult his fairly expensive Wolverine statue collection and comic books. To each his/her own. :P
  12. Tell me about it.. hah
  13. lol, oh yes.. the wolverine collection...
  14. actually...my le pliages get compliments! i had to hold his stuff at a ball game in a storm...everything stayed nice and dry! its the lv that he hates. he says "i could make one for .50 cents"
  15. hehe, thank you!
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