Le Pliage Expandable Travel Tote

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  1. #1 Apr 26, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 26, 2016
    Does anyone have this? I saw it in a store (after seeing it online) and saw that it was HUGE.

    There is a promotion in our local department store so I can get it 15% off so I was considering it but did not pull the trigger.


    1. When fully expanded, is it "allowed" to bring on a plane as carry on size? (It seems so big so I had my doubts)
    2. When expanded and full, are you supposed to use this on your shoulder (with the strap)? How is the comfort?

    Last questions, which are not so important but..

    3. If you had choice between red or grey, which would you get? (Those are the two colors left in the department store. If I wanted other colors, I would have to go to the main boutique here and they wouldn't be on sale.)
    4. Would a guy be ok with carrying this (in grey) or do you think it's not very manly?

    Here is a photo of the style for reference. These are borrowed from the net.


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  2. I recently purchased a black one for my husband and son to use when traveling. Although neither has yet flown with it, I expect it will fit US domestic flights fine as expanded, unless you stuff it so stiffly that it has no slouch left. We've used it to carry clothing for a 5 day trip, and it carries well using the shoulder strap. As tall people, we don't find it particularly comfortable cross-body style, but I find that's true for all Longchamp products. Black or gunmetal are IMO perfect neutral colors for men, and classic for women, I think. Red is a bit much IMO for luggage; I'm all about color in my regular bags but not so much in a luggage style. But really, get what calls to you! I like the bag a lot and am glad we got ours on sale. My biggest worry was the durability of the zips but no problems thus far!
  3. Yay! Your post got me excited about buying this style.

    I honestly wish they had black on sale. That would be my ideal color for this piece. Like you, I also prefer bright colors on my handbags; but agree that neutrals (preferably darks) are best for luggages.

    That department store has 2 other branches. I think I will call tomorrow and see if any have black left on sale. If none have it I may just pull the trigger on the grey one.

  4. I have this bag in poppy and I love it. I haven't flown with it but it's worked great for weekend getaways.
  5. Its a WONDERFUL bag. Its really versatile and you can unzip it anytime to fit a larger item. I have brought it along as a carry on for my international flights, no issues with that. I sling it across my stroller when bringing my children around and it acts as a diaper bag too.

    Mine is in brown, and my husband has no issues lugging it around the airport. A really worthy buy IMO.

    Btw i am only 5'3.
  6. Thank you so much for your input! I think I will go get the gray one..

    I really wanted the black one but after calls to the other branches of the department store, apparently they really only have red and grey left. (I was hoping to nab a black one).
  7. I have the black one and love it! I haven't flown with it though, only used for weekend trips and once for a 6 day trip.
    I've used both zipped and unzipped and it fits a TON! I've used the strap both on my shoulder and as cross body - comfort depends on how full it is.

    GL deciding! I don't think you can go wrong with this bag!
  8. #8 May 1, 2016
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    I have one and my husband has one. We both have black but I bought a red luggage tag for mine and a blue one for him. This is THE bag we use for our carry-on. It works great with a few things or fully loaded. I have used this bag also on international flights and it is totally wonderful as you stock up! This bag is a must buy!

    P.S. I am small (5' 2") and have a boney shoulder, so I use one of those Timbuktu padded straps over the Longchamp strap and it works great. When the bag is packed, I'm not feeling any pain. My husband loved my strap and he has one too.
  9. Hi ladies, thanks so much for your input!


    I went back to the shop and was going to buy the grey (gunmetal) but lo and behold it was sold. HA!

    Only red was left and when my husband saw it (he was not with me beforehand), he said, "PERFECT because red is your favorite color!!"

    Remember how I was worried that red is too bright for carry on luggage, or for big bags?

    WELL... when the SA opened up the red (rougue classic).. my heart sang! I DO love red and who cares if it's not black or gray for travel! Haha! Besides the red was a deep red (rouge color, as per my SA).. it was not the bright red.. This red piece seems like a classic type of red.. I bought it and am SO happy. I can't wait to use it for a day trip or an international flight!!! I am so happy to get the discount too. Really helps. I got it for an equivalent of about $170 US dollars. GREAT price right??!?

    I also got a document holder (LOVE THIS PIECE). I always wanted one but they never had stock and that day they did. I was choosing between the orange, pink and red and of course, ended u up with red again. (Red Garance this time, more bright and striking than the rouge red expandable bag)


    I have two new red Longchamp Le Pliage pieces!!
    1 rouge red Expandable Travel Tote; and
    1 red garance Document Holder!

    I am so happy!!!

    EDIT: Should I post modelling shots? (eek I am shy). If anyone asks for photos I can upload some but LATER on when I am not in houseclothes haha!

    EDIT 2: My two new pieces are Made in France too! That is soo cool! Prior to this my last two purchases (cyclamen coin pouch, and cyclamen toiletry pouch) were both Made in China so Made in France is a great bonus for me!
  10. Congrats! Rouge is quite dark, I recall. It should withstand stains very well. Like what I had heard from ladies here, buy what you love and enjoy it.
  11. Congrats, ManillaMama! I almost bought the red expandable suitcase but kept to black since my menfolk would be using the pieces as well, but I know how pretty that color is. You're going to love the tote! My husband just flew with his at the second zip level and it fit fine in carry-on, said the full level would have done well, too. Enjoy your new pretties!
  12. Congrats. Red is a beautiful choice!

  13. Oh you're sweet! Thanks so much!! ️

  14. Thanks SO much! Everyone here is so supportive. I'm so grateful.

    Yes I really like it. I'm so happy that grey was sold out because really I was not sure about it.

    But wow when I saw the rouge red... It brought a giant smile to my face! ️
  15. If the grey is gunmetal, you will love it too. So in a good way, you are no longer in a dilemma.