Le Pliage Cuir Large Satchel Durability

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  1. Hi!
    I recently bought the Cuir large satchel and am on the fence keeping it. The only time I'd really use it is for weekend trips, which is at most, a few times a year.

    But in general, I was wondering how the wear and tear on this bag has been? Debating whether to keep it or not since I won't be using it much.

    Thanks in advance for any advice!

  2. It would definitely make a very beautiful and stylish weekender, but the leather is very soft and I think it could get easily stained or scuffed if you threw it in the trunk of your car. I think if the cost of the bag is not much of a splurge for you or if nice luggage is very important to you, then it would make a beautiful and luxurious weekender, esp. for a few times a year. But if this was a splurge or you get upset when your bags get damaged, I might look at a nylon weekender instead.
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    Last edited: Mar 26, 2016
    ^ I agree. I have two small cuir several years now and there are some corner wear, scratches and scruffs. I don't mind as I know that it's the nature of soft leather. If you prefer leather then look into calfskin/cowhide as it's thicker. Not sure if Longchamp makes a weekender in calfskin/cowhide. Coach has some leather duffles and totes (in the travel line) and I think they are really beautiful. Eyeing them for dh for Father's Day.
  4. Thanks! You both are right. I'll be returning it:smile:
  5. My Medium Cuir in Fuchsia has held up beautifully. The corners have lost a bit of color, but nothing a good dose of colored leather care product can't take care of.
    Other than that, there's no real wear to mention; the corners haven't frayed, the leather hasn't stretched - there are no scratches or other signs of use. Not even color transition even though I wear jeans all the time.
    I've had the bag for 2 yrs and it's been with me everywhere; day trips, cruises, picnics, even at the top of a fjell! I haven't babied it at all and it's handled everything gracefully.