LE Pearl spy

  1. So Im absolutely obsessed with the LE black tulle pearl spy and I have to have it...Im looking for a new one and not off eBay...can anyone help out please? Id really appreciate it as Im going ga-ga over it...nothing would look sexier this winter than that bag.
  2. ahh one of our gorgeous members had one on eBay recently, but it has sold.

    Its a beautiful bag, good luck with your search :smile:
  3. Thank you so much...I saw that thread...gorgeous gorgeous bag
    Im really serious about finding it if anyone can help out Im thanking you foreverrrrrr x
  4. Try calling some of the retail stores such as Nordies,BLoomies,Saks,Neimans etc...
  5. Try Fendi in New York, they had them a few weeks ago. Good Luck. You are more likely to get it in a Fendi store.
  6. Thank you so much...can I please have their number? Do you know the name of a SA that can help me out?
  7. The SA name is Dharma, I do not have the phone number of hand but if you just do a search for Fendi NY it will come up, you want the one on 5th Ave., or the phone number can be found on www.fendi.com their is a list of all the fendi stores so you can ring around. Cost of this bag is $4,609. hope this helps.
  8. thank you so much...I love you foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrr god bless...lets hope its there
  9. Did you get it?? I hope so.
  10. OMG! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS I FOUND IT! THANK YOU FOREVER AND EVER SAICH2 :smile: It will be shipped soon yaaaaaaaaaay!
  11. YAY!!! Can't wait for pics! I'm so happy for you:yahoo:
  12. Thats brilliant, she is a lovely SA, very helpful. Thought they would have the bag.

    Very glad I could help, know what its like when you are hunting for a bag.
  13. OMG congrats!!! You're every lucky!!!! Make sure you post pics when you get it, and modeling pics too. I have never seen any photos of anyone wearing it. Congrats again!