Le Mystere Bra

  1. Does anyone wear this bra? I've just got mine thru the post and am feeling a little weird in it. I like that it's very supportive (I'm a 34F), but am not used to my girls being so far apart from each other (separation anxiety?). Also, not sure about the padding.

    Maybe I'll wear it for a while to get used to it. Don't worry, I'm not going to attach pics :graucho: .
  2. Have you tried the Goddess line? I'm a 40 H and they are beautiful, supportive and comfortable!
  3. I wear these bras..although according to my 10 year old..I dont need one(very flat chested!!LOL!) They hold up really well..You just need to find the right style that you are comfy with!
  4. I like mine a lot - dh, however, hates it! Oh well - he doesn't have to carry the girls around all day like me lol!!
  5. OMGOMG separation anxiety LOLOLLL!!! I have this bra because I saw that it was on Oprah's fave list one month and I do admit that I absolutely love it - I'm a 38D and it seems to cover me up well esp when I'm wearing wife-beaters and thin tshirts.
  6. oh yea and I did have to 'get used to it' because I wasn't really used to something with such good coverage/support but now it's one of my favorites and am considering getting more...

    the only thing it's not good for is for the thin strapped tanks because the bra is super holster-ish and doesn't do much for the sexy demure look thing. My friends call it my 'saddle bra' when I wear a thin strapped tank top so no more of that! :lol:
  7. which style did you buy? I just bought the Dream Tisha bra and the Corinna-haven't got the Corinna yet-I got the Dream Tisha last week in the mail and had to send it back-one of the straps was sewn wrong. For the minute or two I had it on-I really liked it. I hoped I still like it when it comes again-I have issues with bras .
  8. This one looks comfy... The Le Mystere Fettuccine Bra 1555

    I would like to have a professional do my bra sizing to see if i'm wearing the wrong size .
  9. Uh..........what's a wife beater?
  10. Its a tank top!! LOL!
  11. I have the tisha bra - in nude
  12. ^^I have that one too!
  13. Separation anxiety...gahhh...that's funny! :lol:

    I wanted to like the Mystere Dream Tisha bra, but I did not rebuy. It does give you a nice look in t-shirts, but I hated the way it felt, looked and especially the padding.

    I really like Wacoal and Chantelle bras.