LE Montaigne?

  1. I went to LV the other day and an SA said that the Epi Montaigne GM was a limited edition?! is that true? I was doubting her cause when I asked her to show me the Beverly GM she called it the Beverly MM and said there was 2 other big sizes but when she went to grabe the GM and looked at the price she corrected herself and said that she made a mistake it was the GM and not the MM.
  2. Didn't know that; it didn't say anything about it being LE in the look book or the laminated book.
  3. i actually did hear it was probably going to end up being LE because they had such limited quantities at the time but like i said, i "heard" it and it came from a pretty reputable source. so don't hold it against me if it's not.
  4. Hmmm.... I didn't think it was limited edition. My SA didn't say this was limited edition when I asked her yesterday. Perhaps your SA made a mistake? I hope this isn't LE --- I'm still thinking about the Ivory Montaigne GM for the summer.
  5. I hope it's not LE either. I still have to save for the Ivorie Montaigne GM!:crybaby:
  6. I hope it is not le.
  7. Oroduin got the red one, it is TO DIE FOR; and she said it wasn't LE, so I had time to save,,,, but... it's pricey... boohoo, but totally gorgeous, hope it's not LE...
  8. I hope not, I really like it
  9. i dont think it would be le?
  10. Ohh, I hope this isn't a LE! I'm thinking about getting a PM in the fall...just a thought.
  11. I didn;t hear that it was?
  12. ohhhh, i love this bag too. I hope it is not LE. I hope someone can confirm.
  13. not that i know of.
  14. Maybe she was thinking about the XXL Beverly being LE.