Le Monde

  1. I read somewhere that the new Le Monde is out? Is this something they send to you or do you have to get one in the boutique????
  2. I got one at the boutique but it should arrive by mail too.
  3. I get mine mailed to me, D...just ask Jose to send you one...
  4. They usually mail it to you....just call and ask :smile:
  5. I just got mine, I think it's better than the recent ones: there's LOTS of red!!!:graucho: and 3 different Birkins carried by the models in the fashion pics....

    Edit: D., you either pic it up at your store, or they send it to you if you're on their mailing list..
  6. Wait, there's a new Le Mond out?
  7. A/W 2006, I think??
  8. Geez.....by now I hope I'm on somebody's mailing list! Oh....wait.....we're talking about the SF store where there's no lists for anything!!!!
  9. LOL......it's only just come out, mine hasn't arrived yet, but I expect it to be soon.....call Jose, D....demand that magazine!!!!!
  10. I'm hot on it in the AM, K. That's AFTER I make that ill-fated call to NYC ;)
  11. he, he......enquire about that plume 28 for you, too.........!!
  12. Feh ... I'm not on any mailing lists either. Time to go bug my SA for one.
  13. D, I haven't received my copy either. Mine also arrives in the mail.
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