Le Monde d'Hermès SS2008 - pics

  1. Wanted to share with you some photos of 'Le Monde d'Hermès SS2008'.
    Had a bit of trouble resizing though. To maintain the best possible quality, I decided to do some cropping instead.
    It's impossible to scan the whole catalogue, but I'll post as many as I can.

    LMH040_1.jpg LMH033_1.jpg LMH030_1.jpg LMH031_1.jpg LMH006_1_1.jpg
  2. EEEK!! Thanks so much for posting, I LOVE and collect these mags!
  3. Thank you, MaiTai! Please keep them coming! I think it would be awhile before I get my copy!
  4. Thanks for posting MaiTai, I just picked up a copy today. Can't wait to flip through later after work.
  5. It's cute how they put the elephant in place of the horse! :p

  6. the next lot
    LMH036_1_1.jpg LMH041_1.jpg LMH037_1_1.jpg LMH010_1_1.jpg LMH038_1.jpg
  7. Look at that purple croc in the corner!!

    I grabbed my violet croc KP and put it against this picture. It's not the same! Could this be Amethyst? :nuts: Then again, I was told Amethyst is darker than violet. I am now so puzzled and curious.

  8. thank you ladies! here are some more:
    LMH034_1.jpg LMH039_1.jpg LMH043_1.jpg LMH013_1.jpg LMH042_1.jpg
  9. Oh thanx for posting Mai Tai.
    Wow look at those gorgeouse greens and blues in the far right pic.
  10. Wow, this is my favourite season for some considerable time because all the colours just bowl me over. Can't wait to drool over a copy of my own.
  11. Thanks MaiTai!!! Do you know what colour that light blue is? Is it lagon?
  12. My guess is that it's Bleu Paon.
  13. and more!
    LMH044_1.jpg LMH015.jpg LMH049_1.jpg LMH018_3_2.jpg LMH050_1.jpg
  14. Thank you for the great pics, can't wait for spring to arrive!
  15. Thankyou MaiTai! Fabulous. :ty: