Le Monde Autumn edition

  1. Has anyone received it ,just got it today and there are some pics of some bags which i havent heard of --like the jumping bag and some other new styles ,have anyone seen them in person or are they yet to come???
  2. wow! didn't know the new le monde was out. please post pics if you can :biggrin:
  3. unfortunately dont have a scanner
  4. Oh I love those magazines! Anyone who can scan a pic or two will get virtual flowers:flowers::flowers:
  5. I got mine this morning too but only had a quick look through it as we had to leave the house for the day.
  6. THey came out already!
    I need to call my SA!
  7. Yes please! Some highlights would be great.

    Not just virtual flowers. Cyber champagne toasting too! :drinkup:

    And if you prefer beer, we have beer :drinks:.

    Some popcorn to go with your drink :popcorn:

    Or I could also do the Egyptian dance for you :wlae:Just don't make me do it IRL.
  8. Ditto!
  9. ^ he he he he he!!!!! Mrs.S, your posts always make me smile.
  10. :roflmfao:

    Can't do it now but I'll post some pictures later if noone beats me to it. There's even a picture of that Barenia coat that someone mentioned recently
  11. Ohhhhhhhhh post pictures... I haven´t received mine, and can´t wait to see it:nuts:
  12. I haven't received mine yet either! All I've gotten was the tie catalog. Zzzzzzzzz.
  13. Barenia coat:wtf: Okay, today it's Sunday, but I'm off to the boutique tomorrow morning :yes:
  14. Okay here are just a few highlights
    Matt Nilo Lindy 30 in charcoal and havana

    Lizard mini Constance

    Steve travel bag in black Clemence

    Plume Elan in honey alligator and Jige Elan in black Troika calfskin and black Evercalf

    Trim 1-38 in tobacco Troika & ebony Evercalf

    Long trench in cypress croc

    Jacket in taupe patinated croc & lizard lined with mink & sable collar

    Barenia trench
  15. Blouson in storm Lizard

    Ballets russes china

    Steve bag in coffee Clemence

    Camail bag in wool felt & barenia and Honore long wallet in fauve barenia & purple cashmere felt