Le Monde 2007

  1. Do we just ask our SAs for these???
  2. I just want one for research purposes.....:graucho:
  3. Yes.......some of us, COBALT get these sent to us in the mail. SOME of us (S'mom!) have to go get our own!!!!!!!!!

    Well, we'll see if SF has any tomorrow....chances are that the store that has nothing will have...........nothing!
  4. None at my store yet....got the tie catalogue today.....big whoop.....
  5. elizabeth, that eBay listing IS the Le Monde 2007.
  6. Got a Japanese version on 23 February in Tokyo.
    They even have an envelope to go with the magazine.
  7. I love these! Have just one in French that I bought online from a Finnish auction site.
  8. I got mine about two weeks ago in the UK. You should ask your SA to put you on the mailing list. Still no scarf booklet though.
  9. So far, NYC hasn't gotten the catalogs yet.
  10. Well then SF won't have them today either! They never get anything until LOONNNGGG after NYC................
  11. if NY doesn't have it yet, the rest of America won't have it.......i guess :nuts:
  12. Is this something you can just call the SA and ask for to be shipped to your home?

    Or... is it something they give to you when you purchase something?
  13. Hermes would automatically mail one to you if you are in their mailing list. It's managed by Marketing. If you are close to an Hermes store, just pick up a copy. No purchase needed. But if the SAs hide them in the drawers, then it becomes tricky.
  14. The mailing list here is somewhat unreliable. Sometimes I miss out on something, say the booklet and other times, have been sent duplicates. So, I don't really bother with the mailing list that much now and just tell my SA to put a copy aside for me whenever they come in.