LE MJ Daisy solid perfume ring!

  1. too cute. i'm such a sucker for cute packaging
  2. i got it last week with 20% from sephora...so adorable :smile:
  3. even though i dont really care for the scent, i'd purchase it just bc its so cute :biggrin:
  4. aw man, wish i saw this last week when sephora had their f+f.

    thanks for posting, its too cute!
  5. I am not crazy about the scent of Daisy, but I cannot resist this cute little package..............
  6. gotta have it!!
  7. i bought it yesterday at sephora with the FnF 20% off thingy...

    the weird thing is.. i noticed this cute little gold pouch on the stand that has all of the products that are usually near the cashier (ie. rosebud salve, mini lotions, etc) .. and i opened it and was like.. whoa! how cute!...

    I coudlnt' find them anywhere in the store though! Asked the SA and she went into a totally different drawer and got one out for me.. there were none next to the perfume or anything.. it's like they were hiding them or something...
  8. such CUTE packaging!!
  9. wow i think i might have to make another sephora order. it never ends!
  10. Just ordered it!!!!!!!!!!
  11. hahahahha

    Yay muggles.

    I can definitely see these being one of those items you see on eBay after you can't buy it in the store anymore.. with the prices jacked up.

    So I figured even if I wasn't convinced of getting it, that I better just buy it now.. istead of wanting it later and paying double the price on eBay.
  12. Whoops! I thought f+f was over. ordering one now!
  13. Very cute!!
  14. That is so cute! I need to get myself one next time I go to Sephora!