LE Miss Dior Cherie name help!

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  1. I'm whiffing the spot on my wrist where I had spritz on the latest LE of Dior's Miss Dior Cherie (the SA tells me). Similar to Chanel's Chance Eau Fraiche, this LE Miss Dior Cheire comes in a green liquid...

    If anyone knows the exact name of it, I will be indebted to you!
  2. nvm everyone, I think I've found it. Miss Dior Cherie L'Eau.
  3. where did you find it? ive been looking for it!
  4. The Bay, downtown Vancouver! Just found it yesterday.
  5. was it at a department store? i went to saks a few weeks ago and they didn't have it :[ ive heard a lot of good things about it though!!
  6. Yep, Holt's is Canada's higher end department store. Perhaps it'll be in Saks, Neiman, Baryney's or even Nordstrom soon enough.

    I really like it, crisp and grassy so it has even more of a young appeal, but very refined, which sets it apart from the teenage scents.
  7. Not sure if anyone in the Seattle area is interested, but Macy's in Southcenter is carrying it.
  8. I bought it today in Macy's. Love it. It smells similar to Miss Dior Cherie, but less spicy. A cleaner, fresher scent, but I love both so much. So, I bought both!!
  9. ooh I love this too! I just tried it at Singapore airport and it's divine.
  10. PS. I just checked my box and it's Miss Dior Cherie Eau de Printemps. Miss Dior Cherie is still one of my faves, though, so it's great to have a variation on the theme.
  11. Are you sure that this is the official name of it? The liquid is a light, mint green, right?
  12. I bought it on Valentines Day at Dillards!!!! She gave me a feww Dior mini Palette and a cute ribbon thing with it, She said I was the first purchase of it from her store.. It smells wonderful and I didnt care for the original on me much at all..
  13. i found it at macys! however it didn't work too well with me. it smelled really nice on the paper thingy but on my wrist it was baddd haha
  14. Maybe I'll give it a try! I love the original version, but it smells terrible on me :hrmm:
  15. After months, I have finally found pictures on google!


    This has been the elusive L'Eau I keep obsessing over.