Le Mini Compagnon Zip wallet - which color?

  1. I am thinking about getting a Balenciaga Le Mini Compagnon Zip wallet from diabro.net.

    I really like white, and for 07, the Le Mini Compagnon Zip wallet comes in White... But I am wondering if anybody has this wallet who can give me some opinion before I order it....

    Is white hard to keep clean? Is it easy to clean if I get it dirty? How Do I clean it?

    Also if anybody has one, can you please post a picture so i can tell how big it is? Is it a little too big for everyday use?

    The white one is around $400 dollars, but there is a brown, red and black one for $319. If the white is too hard to keep clean, I might have to go with a red one... You girls think red is a good color for this wallet?

    Thank you for your help~!!!
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  2. This is just personal opinion - but I wouldn't do white just because I don't want to be constantly worrying about my white wallet. Once it goes into the bag - it can't help but come in contact with your other stuff.

    Saying that though - I've seen the rouge vif in real life - and it is gorgeous!!! The hardware stands out and looks great! Plus the wallet has the cutest little mirror inside!

    I found the hardware kinda got lost in the black one so originally I wanted a black one cuz I thought it'd be more practical so I passed on the red.. and now big regret cuz it wasn't love when I saw the black one. :sad:
  3. [​IMG]

    I had a red one, but just sold it on eBay. It was a gorgeous wallet, and I loved it. However, I chose to let it go in order to purchase a MC Louis Vuitton wallet. I loved the wallet though, and it was the perfect size for me. Here is a pic that gives you an idea on size.

    Oh I think it's called the Ni Compagnon.
  4. I think accessories are probably best in darker colours, because they get handled a lot. When you see the darkening of the handles on Bbags, that's what I imagine would happen with accessories - especially wallets - in lighter colours. :push:

    But a lovely little pop of red in your bag? Divine! :heart:
  5. Oh and btw .. Barney's has this in French Blue and Vert Gazon and both were devine!
  6. IMO, i don't buy white for small access, it would run about and meet so many things inside my bags such as cigarette box, pens, pencils, etc.

    i think this would be hot!
  7. Oh gosh, I adore the red!

    I'd go with the red.. I'd be verrry concerned having a $400 WHITE wallet.
  8. I have this wallet in Lilac and while I LOVE IT, I did spend three hours Saturday afternoon with LMB leather cleaner trying to get some of the dirt off. I'm thinking of getting one in Marron, because keeping these babies clean really is hard. I think red would be good. Good luck! For me it has been the perfect size wallet. I'm def going to get at least one more.
  9. Thank you so much for posting picture:yes: That way I can really know how big it is... The red looks very good~!!

  10. Thanks ladies for the all opinions... I think I am definitely going to get a red one.. hehe... =) I do not want to get a white one and worry constantly..

    Thanks again for all the help~!!!