Le Metier de Beaute Nail Lacquers

  1. Oh NOW you tell me.
  2. shhhhhhh. We're keeping secrets!
  3. Hera sure is pretty.
  4. Hera and Eris both seem to be the kinds of colors you gravitate to, Knas.
  5. Mussssssssttt....


    ............................sssssssssssssssssssssstrong :push:

    (and I'd like to add if I'd seen these last week when I ordered Miami Peach and free shipping was going on, I totally would've ordered them lol)
  6. I'm cracking you up? Just cause I'm goofy looking doesn't mean you should laugh at me....

    And yeah. I think I'm gonna pass. Or try too. If Bergdorfs has any left in the fall I'll try then, when I place my next chantecaille purchase.
  7. Noble passion and nobile passion are both still available on the Bergdorf Goodman website for those looking.

    If anyone finds blue baltic ANYWHERE please email/twitter/pm me asap!!

    Its stunning!!
  8. thanks for the nail info... will pass on this bottle..
  9. Okay, I hate to open this can of worms again but I'm on my computer and can leave links this time! It kinda feels like Groundhog Day though; remember that movie? All the posts and responses on this just went poof! :p

    Okay, I fell in love with the swatch of Magic at Dusk as shown on Temptalia's website here:


    She shows noble passion as a beautiful blue and magic at dusk as nude/peachy color.

    However, Lipglossiping show their swatch of blue and call it Magic at Dusk here:


    Here is someone else showing Magic at Dusk as the blue/purple color -


    The Non Blonde also says Magic at Dusk is the blue and Noble Passion is the nude/peachy color here:


    Yet in one of the posts that disappeared, both gga and pucketk (I think) say they have Noble Passion and it is blue. By the way what the heck color is "nobIle passion"?

    Other than wondering why all the differences, this is one color I might splurge on if I could find it and I would need to order it online. I don't want to order and get he wrong color. :smile: I'm loving the blue too but at these prices I just want one. I'm not going to be ordering it anytime soon so it's probably not a big deal but I guess I'm like a dog with a bone and can't stand all these discrepancies! :confused1:

    By the way from something else I just read I think noble passion and nobIle passion are the same color. Someone else just referred to the blue as nobile passion which would explain why gga said she thought she had ordered it and couldn't find it. By the way I tried to go directly to the source (Le Metier website) but there is no info on the older polishes on there.

    Okay, I went to the Neiman Marcus site and THEY say Magic at Dusk is the peachy/nude color I like. If I order it, it will be from them! :shame:

    Still these discrepancies are WEIRD.
  10. Nobile Passion is some sort of pinkish color I think. I checked at home and Noble Passion is definitely the bluish-purplish color that Tempalia has. I also checked at Nordstrom and Magic at Dusk is definitely the nude/peachy color.
  11. omg what a ripofff...and the bottle isn't that pretty!
  12. Thanks! Want to see something funny? Go to the bergdorf goodman website. They have noble passion as a pink and nobile (with an I) as the blue .... See what I mean? Weird!

  13. Gah.. what?! Ha-ha. I am pretty sure (like 99.9% sure) my box said "Noble Passion." I even squinted at the box to make sure there wasn't an 'i' in between the 'b' and the 'l.' I'm so confuddled.
  14. I did the same thing. Because I adore the color and the bottles are so small, I have 4 backups of it. Each box is labeled NOBLE (without an i) Passion.

    I have decided it's nail polish and not worth figuring out any more.
  15. I think you are right. :smile:

    Besides the Nordstrom Anniversary sale Le Metier set - Rock and Romance is much more reasonable. Are any of you planning on getting that? I'd love to see swatches if you do. There is one blog where she did one finger swatches. They look like very pretty colors.