Le Metier de Beaute lovers thread!

  1. What are/were your favorite products by them?
  2. I think they will be back to the UK Mira....don't worry! I know they have mentioned they are working out a solution.
  3. Ohh sorry I missed this. I'll catch you on Twitter ;)
  4. I would love to know too! TIA
  5. Just picked up Papaye Creme for my mom's birthday (and one for me too:blush:) and Peachy Keen e/s. I am going to try and get the Karla Sugar gloss before I leave on vacation.

    I really love this brand!
  6. Ohhh so jealous of you gals able to get Karla Sugar's gloss!! I'm really interested to see what Peachy Keen looks like!

    The company that make the Synof Actif is: http://www.phosphagenics.com/Nutraceuticals/Personal_Care_Products.aspx
    You'll see the blurb on this page mentioning Le Metier

    The skincare line is: http://elixia.com.au/

    This is all based in Australia but the website appears to ship worldwide. If I didn't have such a closet full of skincare right now I'd have ordered it all ready. I'm so intrigued!
  7. I really hope so MrsLid! I'm feeling lost without counter access LOL!
    Also desperate to get hold of Karla#s lipgloss :p

    Here's my mini-stash!


    Peau Vierge
    Classic Flawless Finish Compact (US)
    Whisper (UK)
    Marchesa Volumizing Mascara mini (US)
    Sweet Creme Lip Creme (UK)
    Palm Springs Lipstick (UK)


    Corinthian eyeshadow (UK)
    Lapis eyeshadow (UK)
    Thunder eyeshadow (UK)
    Smouldering Embarkment Kaleidoscope (US)
    Jojo eyeshadow (UK)
    Plum eyeshadow (UK)
    Plum eyeshadow (US)
    Corinthian eyeshadow (US)

    My faves are the PV, powder, Lip Creme and Corinthian (US) eyeshadow. I can't wait to get hold of some more, definitely one of my top brands :smile:
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    Thank you MrsLid, looking at it right now.
    I wonder how the TINTED MULTI V MOISTURISER compares to LMdB's tinted PV treatment...
  9. I am so glad I found this thread! This is one line that I am really excited about trying. So far I have only tried the PV in Light/Medium (a sample packet). This color was too dark for me, so I hope to score a sample in Light.
  10. Nice!! :smile:I have JoJo and Sweet Creme, and also the compact...I want to pick up another lip creme and my favorite is also the powder.
  11. I went to the Camp Gorgeous event yesterday (it is happening all week) at NM and I was immediately drawn to LMDB. Esteban (the MUA) was amazing... he did mini makeovers for everyone I was with (i.e. mom, aunt, cousins). I picked up the Splendid Frost Kaleidoscope and the eye lash curler. I couldn't help myself so I went back again today and picked up more goodies.... I'm in love with the colors and the pigmentation of everything. I haven't tried the lipglosses yet, but if they look anywhere as beautiful as they did on my hand, then I'm sold. lol.
  12. Ooh makeovers, how nice!
    I also have the Splendid kaleidoscope and the eye lash curler and I love them both!

    I understand that Dustjan at BG in NY will have a lip kaleidoscope exclusive to BG! I believe it's going to be part of BG's beauty event this month but they are taking pre-orders now.
  13. Esteban was the first person to do my makeup using LMDB, I was blown away with how talented he was and I guess him, along with several beauty bloggers were the reason I was first enamored with the brand.

    Isn't Splendid Frost gorgeous? Out of the 7 kaleidoscopes I own, I think that one is my favorite! Great choice with the lash curler too!
  14. You are correct, here is the link:


    if you want more info. on the lip kaleidoscope.