Le Metier de Beaute lovers thread!

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  2. Thanks for the tip!!!!!!!
  3. hey! I found your blog last week and really like it! the go to place for Le Metier de beute :smile:
  4. I second this! :biggrin:
  5. Hey gals! I'm a LMdB addict too! I always stalk this forum for Chanel pics so I'm so glad to see a LMdB thread started. Thanks Christine!!! She has a fabulous blog with the best LMdB swatches and so does panties. I've got lots of pics on mine as well. Hope we can share the Le Metier de Beaute love!!
  6. I'm wearing my keren craig palette right now! It is so gorgeous. The concealer is hands down the best one I have ever used and the bronzer is just beautiful. It all just works really well together.
    I have also been talked in purchasing the splendid frost kaleidoscope so I will probably be picking that up this weekend :smile: (ehhem mrslid ehhem)
  7. ^ That's great to hear you're enjoying the keren craig palette! I'll have to consider the palettes the next time.
  8. I am so happy so see this thread! I adore the glosses. I have owned about 13 of them. I have actually finished 5- I am talking 'scrape every last bit from the tube' which is unheard of for me. They make my lips feel great. They are definitely worth every penny.

    I just picked up Thunder and Rose Champagne e/s, Thailand & Summerland l/s this week:smile:
  9. I have really liked almost all of the LMdB products I have tried, but I really have a hard time swallowing the ingredients of PV. Correct me if I am wrong- it has retinol. I thought retinol was not good to use during the day b/c of sun exposure. It does have an spf, but to actually get the protection from this, you would really have to pack it on. If anyone has the ingredient list, I'd be curious to see it.

    Don't get me wrong, I have seen it on others and it looks very nice. I just cannot understand the science behind the claims and $$$ price tag:shrugs:

  10. Here is an ingredients list
  11. I was awoken this morning by Bergdorf and Goodman calling to let me know that the LMDB summer eye pallete, Penelope is in stock and she will be sending it to me today. I haven't seen it in person but I've seen ics and swatches and had to have it. I own and love the face kit and Neiman Marvus exclusive eye kit in Crochet. Great for traveling.
  12. I love the look with PV tinted moisturizer, but I am starting to wonder since I apply only a thin layer, is it enough for sun protection in summer?
  13. I would probably still use a sunscreen underneath.
  14. I m surprised not many people like the PV tinted treatment. I think it might be more suitable for people who prefers very sheer coverage.I am not a fan of makeup, I even found tinted moisturizer too heavy. I am lucky my skin has no major flaw and my only concern is a few pore on sides of my nose. Dabbing a little more PV will cover them.

    Just checked the ingredients it is using physical sunblock, 5% zinc oxide and 5% titanium dioxide, which means as long as I am not sweating or rubbing my face, the sun block will last for 20 x time for skin get burned. I guess it is safe for the retinol working underneath..
  15. I have a sample of PV but I havent tried it yet. I have to introduce new products very slowly. I'll report back when I do try it but I'm going to need more coverage so I'm going to use it as a base under the foundation. Thats what my Neimans MA does when she does my makeup. It really is meant to be a treatment product as well as providing some coverage.