le marais small flap

  1. Hi! I tried to do a search and couldn't find much on the small size of the le marais flap. I was wondering if anyone knew the dimensions or had a rough idea of how much could fit in the bag. Thanks!
  2. Bumping this for you, hopefully the Marais flap owners can help you out with this :smile:
  3. i dnt know if there's a smaller size on LM flap? anyway, here's my Les Marais Flap in larger size $1795+TAX. the size is in between medium and jumbo flap. it actually fits a lot:yes: and the leather is so gorgeous IRL:heart: HTH
  4. i went ahead and ordered the smaller one. it was 1550. hopefully i like it. the SA told me it was about 10x5x2.
    i've never seen it irl, but your pics look gorgeous. =)
  5. This is a pic of smaller flap borrowed from the reference thread.

  6. i love the bigger size; it can fit so much
  7. fashon_gurl, did you by any chance get that purse from Larkie? I remember she was returned one recently. I'm quite amazed how much you can fit in it! Your bag looks very yummy~:yes:
  8. Love this bag, it is so pretty *sigh*
  9. It is a great bag. It looks very durable and cool!
  10. NanamiRyu - no, i got mine 2 months before Larkie decided to return hers...she was the one who convinced me to get this purse;)
  11. Love that bag. Does anyone know if it comes in black? Seems like all the pictures on TPF are brown or gold
  12. ^ yes there's a Black Les Marais Flap:yes: here's a picture courtesy of xoStephxo
  13. thank you:smile:
  14. Oh Thanks for the picture of the black. It is a beauty!