Le Marais Flap or East/West?

  1. Hi everyone!
    I am having trouble deciding which bag I like better.
    Does anyone know how durable the leather on the Le Marais bags are?
    Is there any modeling pictures of the E/W bag? I looked at the modeling thread in the reference library but didn't have time to go through all 70 pages :push:
    What do you owners of these bags think?
    Thanks in advance!
  2. i really like the le marais flaps. great bag for a 'great' price.
  3. If you check my thread, I posted modelling picture of the E/W.
    It's titled.... Holy Chanel.....I got 3! just do a search on it.
  4. def the le marais, i don't like the EW :p
  5. i like the le marais, too. it's got a more contemporary look to it without being overly trendy.
  6. I like the e-w, but it is a small bag so it is one I find suited to evening use not daytime use.
  7. I like the e/w but like ronsdiva said, it's a small bag more suited for evening
  8. i still prefer e/w than Le marais flap.....but e/w will be more suitable for evenings since it's a small bag.
  9. I like the Le Marais better...
  10. Thanks everyone for your input! I guess i will have to wait until I see these bags IRL! I love them both! The e/w has that classic look but the le marais flap looks so sweet too. Decisions, decisions!
  11. i'm biased cos i own a Le Marais so naturally i'd vouch for Le Marais. the dirty metallic leather is so chic, yet the shape of the bag is so timeless. it takes you from day to night without a problem. you'll probably get more use out of a Le Marais than you do of an e/w.