Le Marais Flap - My First Chanel Too !!!

  1. Decided to take the plunge today because I changed my Handbag calendar page this morning and saw today's photo and said this must be the day. Also my husband's been bugging me to pick something out for Valentine's day. So I went to NM Downtown and was assisted by a lovely SA named Anne Marie who works in Designer Handbags (Chanel SA not in on Saturday).

    Store was pretty empty (downtown Dallas pretty quiet on weekends & everyone was probably at the NM Northpark consolidation sale - more on that later) so we spent about 2 hours looking at pretty much everything in black with silver in stock and it was tough to make a decision.

    I have black 35 Birkin and wanted something lighter and smaller that would go from day to evening, easy to carry on weekends or to a luncheon or wedding but the smaller flaps were too small so decided on the Le Marais.

    I know it does not have the outside pocket and that was a bone of contention but I love the styling, leather and moderness of this bag. I think it looks great over the shoulder, hanging in your elbow or just carrying in your hand. And I was able to fit Treo, iPhone, wallet, compact, lipstick, etc.

    And to me the price was reasonable. I know there have been lots of price hikes in past year from reading these threads but when I think of shoe & wallet prices it seemed almost a bargain.

    I was tempted by the jersey flap in the beige/gold but was really concerned about how it would wear.

    I must say I was a bit disappointed by the dustbag (a bit skimpy). I was not expecting the Hermes treatment but the LV's, Prada's, Fendi's, Valentino's, etc are way nicer. Are all the Chanel dustbags the same?

    I also looked for a wallet. Neither the Dallas boutique or teh 2 NM stores here have a decent selection.

    I know (hope) there will be more Chanel's in my future but here is #1.

    Thanks for all the helpful info on this site and to all the great fashionista's on the site. I used to be very active in Yahoo Hermes scarf and handbag group but my obsession with scarf collecting has waned and although I have many, except for my cashmere shawls, I never wear them anymore.

    So I am excited and will take Le Marais for a spin tomorrow!

    Also was looking for specific item for Valentine's gift at Dior (cosmetics) for my mom which they did not have so ran up to Northpark store which is day 3 of 4-day consolidation sale. I was told this is the first time they have done this. Everything that was on sale from Last Call is an additional 25% off & they are doing this at their top 10 stores.

    I was surprised that there was still a fairly decent selection even though I had ot run through quickly. I got some Eskandar pieces on sale plus 25% off so I was ecstatic. May go back tomorrow to spend more time sifting through.

    Thanks all.

    Hope the pics look ok.
    IMG_0123.jpg IMG_0120.jpg IMG_0121.jpg IMG_0119.jpg IMG_0122.jpg
  2. PS - I decided against the Drill. I saw the Tote again & while it is pretty cool I felt long term I'd be better served by this bag. And I was drooling over some of the bags to come!
  3. great pick! congrats on your first chanel! i have the les marais flap in dark brown:yes: and the leather is sooo gorgeous IRL:heart:

  4. Congrats! Love the marais flap, also the inspirational flap on the calendar you got there!
  5. It didn't come out in the photo but the description on the calendar is Chanel "Jacket" bag 2002. How cool is that? Anyone out there have this one?
  6. [​IMG]




    Lovely bag....congrats:yahoo::yahoo:

    It looks great on u:tup::love:
  7. Congratulations on a wonderful bag! The leather looks so nice.
    You carry the bag so well.....:tup:
    Love the calender too! Hmmmm, I'm tempted to get one.
  8. I love the leather! Congratulations!
  9. Thanks ladies!
  10. It's beautiful. Congrats! You just started a never ending addiction!!!!!:graucho:
  11. Question - I just noticed that the box the bag came in does not have the little label with the picture and the style info etc on it. Should it have? Is this worth calling about on Monday or trying to have them get me the right box? Thanks.
  12. It looks great. I think it is a wonderful flap, too. Congratulations!
  13. Congrats on your first Chanel, it looks great on you!

    I'm off to get that calendar!
  14. congrats on your first chanel! :tup: