Le Marais available in Bond Street UK

  1. Hi, Ladies,

    A few months ago I was PM'd a few times about the diamond stitch collection in the UK. It was not available at that time, but the new "Le Marais" collection (see Chanel boys pics in this forum) is currently in the UK. I phoned Bond Street today because I felt this range is the closest to the everyday diamond stitch range that I have seen. However it is very pricey, the large flap is retailing for just over £1500 and the bowler in the large size is only slightly cheaper. I was told that the goldtone flap is sold out but that they still have the black flap and that the bowler is available in both the gold and the black. Please feel free to contradict me if I've got the prices wrong (I couldn't quite believe it myself:confused1:), and do post if you have any other sightings of this range in the UK.