Le Majestueux, anyone??

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  1. Hi, it's been ages since I've logged on and I miss my LV divas. I was browsing the website, and I saw the Le Majestueux. It looks divine. Does anyone have it?

    Hope everyone is doing well. :yes:

  2. Thanks!
  3. Don't have it ... but saw it in LV NYC. Stunning in person.
  4. Hi P-B- Glad you're back! And with your usual excellent taste! I was drooling over Mardon's new purchase over at the Suhali Clubhouse. Le Majestueux is a truly stunning bag.
  5. I don't have it but I seriously want the Le Maj in black.... or maybe white.....or verone.:nuts:
    Hope you get one soon so I can obsess over the pics!:nuts:
  6. I love that bag but don't wish to spend so much.
  7. Welcome on your return ... I tried on the le maj and it is stunning .. GREAT bag:heart:
  8. Almost any Suhali bag is to die for. Literally. The leather seems so luscious and buttery, and elegant, it's just... wow. I can only dream (literally!) just to own a Suhali bag. They're so gorgeous. But with the price of these Suhali bags today, I can't justify it even if I had the money to afford it. But gosh, it's so pretty!

    I just love all the Suhali bag names... Le Fabuleux, Le Majestueux, Le Confident... they all fit the bags so well. LOL. I await the day for LV to name another Suhali bag "The Incredible" or "The Romantic" in French. But have the bag look completely outrageous! Oh well, a girl can dream.
  9. My SA said that the Le maj (at the store here) is really popular in the black and white..it is a stunning bag:heart:
  10. It's gorgeous. I just got my first Suhalis - Lockit MM and Wallet Le Favori - I think I'm hooked on this line. Beautiful, elegant and classy. Now I want someting in white and the Le Maj may be it!
  11. What about that tan/beige colour? Looks nice, I would want that one. Must take a walk over to LV and see it IRL.

    Hi, MissMcC!!